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  1. I want to buy any cool looking accesories you may have. I am looking for event's like, Pollution accesories, Arm guard of Lightning, arm Guard of Earth, Arm guard of Love, Arm guard of Fire, Odins Mask, Captain Djinns hat, Bling! Bling! Bracers,Terras Malachite brooche, Shield of Mirrors, Lava Cuff's, Fearsome Trainer Mask, Groovy Mask, Vile Lords Clutch, Mask of RNG, Lava Dancers Mask,etc. I am willing to pay a lot of Currency for these events, I do not have the exact number of CV I am going to spend since Im getting more.
  2. I have a Traced deathwish and I want to sell it for what it is worth. I am going to keep it short and simple, I want to sell it for 30cv and I may be able to sell it for a little above 25cv but that is a slim chance. Death Wish ------ http://imgur.com/a/ibA3H ------ Death Wish Screenshot ------//imgur.com/a/050eB
  3. I have a Traced deathwish if you are interested.
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    I will be auctioning a Tower weapon that is definetly a great and very rare drop. It looks pretty awesome and definetly will boost your stats. The item has been IC'd by ddace so it is completely legit. Anyway have fun bidding, or not bidding. Accepted Currencies:: 5/10/15 , 6:1 cube. I want atleast 20-25cv for this item.. Image of the item:: http://imgur.com/a/qKqhi _______________________ DUE DATE-- AUGUST 10TH BUYOUT IS 35CV -------------------------------------------- AIROHHH BOUGHTOUT 35CV
  5. thotfinger

    Item Check Thread

    http://imgur.com/a/qKqhi Item check please
  6. OOps dont enter me two times lol
  7. I have recently got myself a Mr.Skelly. He looks super cool and is suprisingly rare. He has some decently good stats and does give a 15% speed boost. I am accepting currency such as: Other event items , Cubes or Coal , and some other good stuff because why not? If you want to pay with cubes, I am accepting atleast 20-25 cubes for him. His stats are 700/600/700/600, same as any other Skelly. https://images.dungeondefenders.com/https://images.dungeondefenders.com/https://images.dungeondefenders.com/https://images.dungeondefenders.com/http://puu.sh/wziTm/397546767a.jpg
  8. I am searching for any decent ult plus plus weapon. It doesn't have to be ult plus plus but aslong as it is a good tower weapon then I will buy it. I do have cubes and coal for currency, but also weapons pets and armor.
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