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  1. According to the leaderboard you have triggered AP 17 times, which means your target floor is 52 now. If you were at floor 65 when the update happen, then your current floor should be 32. Only 20 floors to go ;)
  2. Hey! I wanted to thank you for your kind words. It really means the world to us when you guys enjoy the content that we put our hard effort into making. This update was massive, and like you said, there a few bugs here and there xD, so your feedback is invaluable to keep improving DD2. Keep it coming!
  3. We are working on giving you that info. Currently, that's how it works for defense speed; whenever you place something that makes the defense reach its max defense speed, when you inspect it, the game will show you a MAX next to the value. Please check the attached image for reference how it feels to play at that speed*
  4. Hey, yeah, that was a technical limitation that we had to accept. One of the MODS allows you to place additional Serpent Coils (spoilers!), and there was no way to introduce that MOD without adjusting the ability to move the Coil around. You can always just sell it and place it again, like a regular tower =)
  5. No sabía ni que hubiese alguien de Trendy que supiera español! Somos varios los que hablamos español como idioma nativo en Trendy =). Si tienen alguna pregunta que hacer en español háganla mediante los foros y las vamos a ver seguro.
  6. Que tal, amigos! Tengo la impresión que te refieres al Blink King Bow. Ese se lo puedes comprar al Wayfarer, en el Pueblo, pero primero debes completar la incursión Kobold Blink King. Esa es una incursión de Chaos 3, y las puedes jugar a través de la Wartable. Tal como dices, la única manera de mejorar (Upgrade) tu equipamiento es dándole ctrl + click al objecto que deseas. Para mejorar un objecto debes usar Medallas de Defensor (Defender Medals), o Oro (Gold). Ambos los obtienes jugando el juego de manera normal. Saludos =)
  7. Thanks for the feedback! What is it that you don't like about the Mutators per lane? Is that you don't like the current ones, or is the system itself you don't like? All of your guys' opinion is super important and we are definitively committed to hear you out in things like these. Reasons why not to post you're tired... My bad, failed English in that post. I mean't that I was hoping that the new mutators would lock from the start of the map, and do not re-roll like the current ones do. With rebuilding a lane every wave being impossible in a practical sense, the current ones are something th
  8. Nothing is out the question =). Quick question if you will... Will these be per lane per map? As in, the effect rolls at the start of the map, but doesn't change between waves. Because I seriously hope it does not. It's one of the issues that has always been wrong with the current watered down lane "mutators". Speaking of which... will those frankly annoying things be removed finally with this new game mode? Otherwise, a new game mode sounds great. Could do a lot for the lack of meaningful choices end game. Thanks for the feedback! What is it that you don't like about the Mutators per lane?
  9. Hey guys! We are working hard on new and exciting content and we want to hear from you! Currently we are looking into the possibility of adding lane Mutators to a new mode. By Mutators, we mean effects that slightly modify how the map, a specific lane, or specific enemies will play out. For example, how about enemies that have giant heads and take extra headshot damage, but less regular damage? Or a Mutator that doubles enemy health, but also doubles the damage output of Environmental Traps? We're looking for more Mutator ideas! Please post your ideas here and we'll funnel the feedback to the
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