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  1. For those out of the loop, you simply tell us what's on your mind at the time you open this forum page. Speak from your heart. (I'm currently thinking why haven't I slept yet? lol)
  2. I purchased ev2 with real money, honestly, i was disappointed, so you should just save up the medals and get her, shes really only useful in c6 for her reflect walls, or if your ascention 400 and than you can use her in c7
  3. so i just ended up closing and reopening the game, the 6th time it was perfectly normal, I have no idea why this worked haha
  4. So ill start by posting how the game runs now after the update http://imgur.com/bIFHmMq http://imgur.com/XFgwyGT So thats impossible to play in, I than tried fixing it, Changed my screen resolution to 1920*1080, it got worse, cant even click anything, had to end process to close the game (Thank god I have multiple monitors as the game refused to minimize via alt-tab) Changed resolution after 5 other resolutions to 800*600, I CAN SEE THE TEXT! I click into options, change the settings to 1920*1080 windowed fullscreen mode close the game, change my resolution to 1920*1080, and back to
  5. http://imgur.com/a/6hEVO how can i fix this, I cant even click the esc menu buttons to go to settings
  6. http://imgur.com/a/m6Xia I have tried reinstalling three times now, When I get it to work after reloading the game 4-7 times it takes about 9 more attempts to get in a private tavern and than its impossible to start a match, i'm not lagging I just cant seem to get it to work. and I can play other games with out any issues at all, Any advise
  7. I personally would just like to know the reasoning behind them removing console, it makes no logical sense when its been part of the game for years
  8. iOS: Windows 7 Professional Processor: Intel Core i7-4790K Ram: 32GB Graphic settings for game: Custom http://imgur.com/a/rgcLH <- Game options  With the release of the new patch I loaded into a private tavern, and after pressing E on the war table for 30 seconds it finally activated, I went to a C7 Trials game and played solo. It took another 30 seconds after triggering build phase for me to be able to activate the chest for my gems. While trying to place towers my monk could not jump and move left and right, only forward and back Immediatly noticed the Orc Lady ignoring walls iss
  9. Anyone know if its happening? or why everyone on my friends list cant log back into the game?
  10. RNGesus sometimes hates you, I have farmed for 20 hours in chaos 3 for a deadly strikes shard, finally got it, and my 3rd chaos 7 game i played after i got deadly strikes as my extra shard
  11. If you are refering to chaos trials, when you go to the towns map table, and you are looking at the list of campaign missions, at the top where it says "Campaign/Normal" click the arrows until you see "Chaos 1/ Trials"
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