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  1. this happened to me too, and i posted about it over the weekend. Supposely thats just how mixed mode is?? just seems weird to me
  2. No, if players join mid-build-phase the mob count goes way up. If they leave, all that goes down is the 'core' enemies that appear regardless of the mixed mode (Ogres, sharken, djinn, spiders). Basically, in mixed mode, if 3 players join it can go from 900 to 4100, but if those 3 players leave only the extra ogres/etc will dissappear and drop it back to like 4020. Still alot of monsters but at least there aren't as many of the tough ones that count. o ok so it has to do with mixed mode... got it... thanks guys!
  3. I notice sometimes when people are in my game and then leave the mob count does not go back down. I was on Aquanos nightmare survival mixed mode duo and the mob count was about 1500, during the wave a few friends joined and after the wave the mob count becomes 4000+, given because i had 4 players in the game. one of them had to go so they left and i notice the mob count didn't go down that much. So i tested and ask the rest to leave the game real quick(this is still during building phase). So im in the game solo now and the mob count is still 4000+ this is wave 21. My other friend had ment
  4. Yes. Hero damage increases damage of all myth/trans/supreme+ pets and i think monkeys are always influenced by hero damage. thought so but it doesn't explain why when it is equipped on my monk(with LESS hero damage) that it is doing more damage than on another hero with more hero damage. Is there another factor for the monkey's damage?
  5. Does any hero stats make the monkey damage increase? i am using the same armor on my huntress and monk and my monk has less hero attack than my huntress but the monkey does more damage when it is equipped to the monk(hero boost is not activated). I tested this on my hunter and the monkey still does more damage equipped to the monk, thought it might have been gender specific. Any one know why? Sorry if this was answered already. Thanks!
  6. you see if people read patch notes threads like these wouldnt be posted they removed any chance of getting trans from assult maps being able to get trans rewards was a glitch people are lucky they managed to keep the trans rewards they had. If you want a garentied good trans staff do mangro town camp mision on hc nm everytime ive done it with apprentice ive got a trans staff with 290 ups normaly 3k damage and 200+ on 3 or all 4 tower stats :) I do read the patch notes, i must have missed this one. Sorry about that, thanks for the info!
  7. i was farming some big sticks and did the map about 15 times and did not get a single trans big stick. Did the rate change? when i did them before i was get at least 30% of the time. Thanks!
  8. What are the large eggs used for? I know that Egg is for the rabbit costume for squire and Hum. Egg is for mega chicken.
  9. i just lost on misty wave 20 because a genie was stuck in the rocks and my harpoons couldn't hit it and it desummoned my wall. Then along came an ogre and there goes my crystal. can you guys please fix it so the genies can't go through rocks i've been getting to wave 25+ no problem, and losing to something stupid like that just sucksssss =/
  10. so if you don't find enough eggs in 2 weeks u r pretty much SOL im guessing? or they will probably release a DLC for the customer and such?
  11. everytime i try to make the new map on campaign it just kicks me back to the lobby, anyone else getting this?
  12. Elemental mobs do an additional 100% damage in the type of their element whenever they do a physical attack. If a non-elemental orc did 500 physical damage, a fire resistant orc would do 500 physical damage as well as 500 fire damage. Darkness traps remove the extra elemental damage as well as the elemental resistance, halving the damage your defenses take from them. Also, proxy mines do physical damage, so fire mobs aren't resistant to them. ahhhhh ok that makes sense now.. thank you!
  13. this is probably a dumb question but i was wondering what use is the darkness traps for if the main damage are the harpoons(non element)? is it to take out the element for the proxy mines? or am i missing something else that the darkness traps are used for? sorry for the noob question.
  14. i agree with this, when i use pierce shot it sometimes would randomly shoot to the right or even upwards, its pretty annoying when it shoots somewhere where i do not want it go. There should at least be an option to turn it off and on.
  15. i'm noticing my ensnare aura is draining faster than normal. I did alc lab survival last night and it did not drain this fast, and i did it again today and i have to constantly look after it and repair. Can anyone confirm?? Thanks
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