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  1. ***ty support team still hasn't fixed the problem. Thanks Trendy. Cheers to being one of the gaming industries worst support teams there is.
  2. do you use cannons (or any high damage projectile tower) as your damage tower.When cannon hits geodes they projectiles is reflected and reflected prohjectiles deals millions of damage to your walls.Beware there is one geode in 4th and 5th wave.If this happens with other reasons try to record it and send it to the bug site. That explains it lol. I've been using cannons with 1.3+ mill dps so a bunch of them hitting a geode, yeah, I can see that destroying my walls. That really sucks though, I knew Geodes reflected projectiles but like, that seems really unfair to be able to obliterate your walls in a second. Is there really any way to counter them? I'd use an aura or WM but obviously they get disabled in C5. Or are Geodes just another overly hard counter to your stuff in DD2 with not much variety in being dealt with like the assassins
  3. I recently got the Lavamancer and have a 22k totem on his Maw of the Earths with the Power Pylon, Shielding Guard, and Fortification shards on it. I've been playing C5 for some shards (Haven't tried this on other chaos levels) but for some reason, the maws are randomly getting destroyed at the beginning of rounds. Usually on the fourth and fifth rounds which sucks even more. I don't believe I've had this problem with other barricades, just the Maws. I'm assuming this is a bug, can anyone confirm this? Does anyone know why this is happening or if there's a way to fix it? Because if not then I feel I wasted my time buying the Lavamancer, I got him purely for the walls.
  4. Please tell me you're joking... Do you know what an advertisement is? Definition off of Google just for you: Advertisement; a notice or announcement in a public medium promoting a product, service, or event or publicizing a job vacancy. What the hell do you think patch notes are? They're advertisements promoting the things they have fixed (a type of service). They're promotions of what the company has done in the referenced update. Thus, the false information on the patch notes is literally a false advertisement. Please know what you're talking about before you go off and try to deny my claim. I'm well aware games have bugs, I get that. That's fine. But that's not the point of this thread, the point is they keep claiming all these fixes but most of them aren't even fixed! And on top of that, new various bugs have also piled up! I never said nothing was fixed in the update, in fact I even say it in the original post that "only a small portion" was correct and fixed. But there's plenty on their "patch notes" list that are total bs and not fixed at all
  5. Literally every Patch Notes and big ass sized update so far has only given a small portion of what was told. Why Trendy? Do you even test your patches? Half of your "fixes" not only fail to come through, but also introduce other various bugs. Don't get me wrong, I love Dungeon Defenders and appreciate the work going into trying to fix your game, but if you're going to make us download these big ass, larger than the actual game, updates, then make them actually worth it. Cut the false advertisement bs in your patch notes and get on it. I expect better!
  6. That map sucks. Was this a joke or am I missing something lol. I hate that map so much personally
  7. Though I'm pretty disappointed with their support team, I do really enjoy the game. My favorite thing would have to be the Gunwitch. She's absolutely my favorite character <3
  8. So to sum up all the replies, no I'm not doing anything wrong. I just have to hope RNGesus will be kind. That's gonna suck because RNG hates me xD Back to the grind then, thanks for the help everyone!
  9. So I've reached the cap for C7 gear I believe, I have almost 23k relics, 7,100 armor, and an 11.3k weapon, all legendary. Which is great and all but when I play C7, I rarely get more gear that is equivalent to all of that gear. All the gear I usually get is like 20k-21k relics, 6,500 armor, and 10k weapons. Every once in a while I do get something equivalent to my gear but it's usually once every like 10 games or so. Is this normal? Or is there something I'm doing wrong? Because I'd really love to gear out the rest of my characters in my all characters tab instead of just using the one character geared for C7. Not only that, when I talked to (I don't remember his name but he's the guy that sells you the incursion weapons for 500 Defender Medals), I bought some gear from him and I know it says they base it off of the strongest hero in your deck (which I usually only use one character and it's the one described above) but when I bought the weapon (megashark) I only got a 10k Megashark. Am I really going to have to spend thousands of defender medals trying to get an 11k megashark or again, am I doing something wrong?
  10. It does matter when you're trying to do LFG stuff and people check that then see I'm apparently not even lvl 50 yet so don't let me join xD This bug=Sorry, no LFG stuff. Go and try to find lobbies in the game itself. I'd love to do that but ya know, there's rarely more than one game lobby up at a time when you hit c5+
  11. 21 god **** days lmao. And still counting. Wtf Trendy? Do you even pay attention to your support emails or do you just send the "ticket received" automated bsmail? A week or even two, okay. That's annoying but I can deal with it. 21 days though? That's seriously pathetic. It's an extremely easy problem to fix yet you guys won't do **** about it. Maybe you should fire everyone who works for Trendy support. Because I'm not the only person who has problems with that poor excuse of a help team.
  12. I'm guessing you're using a mark but what shards do you have on your BB?
  13. Did this work for you?? o.O I had no idea BB were even viable anymore. They seem 100% useless compared to so many other things.
  14. As nice as that may be, don't forget that literally a massive portion of the "lower tier players" already try and get in higher games even knowing their gear sucks and isn't sufficient. I've ran into Asc 10 players in C7 saying they want carries for exp and gear, I explain the gear system and that they won't get C7 gear but they stay and say they want exp and gold instead. I don't think leaving chaos progression to the player is a good idea. I more so agree with the original poster. If I understand correctly, he's saying you're literally unable to join certain games unless you meet the minimum iPWR requirement. Thus, it completely prevents undergeared people from joining higher chaos games they don't belong in, instead of just giving a recommendation of where they should be and their progression in that chaos tier. Or maybe mix both! Stick with the idea of not being able to join a higher chaos tier unless you meet the proper requirements but also include the progression percentage. Sorry for the semi-long message, hope you enjoyed. xD
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