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  1. so all in all quality dosnt matter if its superloot? cuz i noticed some armors wont go over 24%resistant while some can get 30%
  2. is there any different between all armor quality?
  3. 100mil for the sword? its funny how u offer 100m for a sword thats worth max 10m obious exploiting right there ^^
  4. sorry didnt mean to upset any one :) just have no idea i have never used a genie nor traded one so was just interested mroe than anything. didnt get upset :p but the thing is mana has no worth in this game anymore with all people cheating.
  5. u cant really ask for pricecheck all i can say is its a awesome genie i offer 10b just for the lulz
  6. its funny how people offer 200m+ ^^ anyway i offer 10b on each item! : o
  7. 2b mana wep :o jk im not a glitch abuser lol
  8. Wtb some pets Hamster-2m Monk Animus 1m Squire Animus 1m Apprentice Animus 1m stats dosnt matter
  9. Hi. its getting anoying having to look through all items all the time when u have around 7+pages to either change or look at ur new loots. so pls implent a button to create different folders in your item box would really help alot!
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