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  1. What drives you to continue playing? I know the topic has been brought up countless times, but as I finally Myth geared my first hero it suddenly dawned on me how pointless it all is having to grind to upgrade it all, how the progression at this point is so broken it's dumb-founding. This game was so fun and simple enough starting out with clear and logical progression, but I honestly think this game has been FUBAR'd in its current state. I truly regret pre-ordering all 4 parts of the Eternia Shards because it's essentially going to be more of the same with (according to Trendy) more deadly
  2. To be fair OP, you're not really missing out on 'much' in terms of where you're at. The problem with this game is that the difficulty gap between Insane and Nightmare is huge, so when you've got to the point where you can breeze through insane, it feels like there is little motivation for all the farming required to be ready for Nightmare. Trendy really need to create some kind of incentive for those stuck between Insane and Nightmare.
  3. An effective strategy I've used to combat spiders is putting proxy traps underneathe towers, considering the spiders have to get up close to them to cause damage, it deals with them quite nicely. Some ensare auras can also be useful in the same way.
  4. 600+ hours, and still going strong. Hands down the best 15$ dollars I've ever spent. I think sometimes people forget how much value is in this game, even if you don't reach the end game grind. I bought orcs_must_die for ~15$ as well, and when I was done, that was it. Many other games have been sitting on my shelf. 600 hours? You realise this game has been out for about 2 months and 10 days (about 70 days total), that means you average about 8.5 hours a day in this game. Do you really call that 'value'? I call it an addiction.
  5. but I find that Insane is getting a little boring, and Nightmare is too hard. Welcome to the main problem with this game.
  6. OP has a completely valid point as I find myself in the same position. That murky place where your Hero is too strong for Insane, but too weak for Nightmare is a horrible place to be and really hinders your progression when there's no real sense of progression.
  7. I saw someone with a squire sword that had 86k base damage with about around 226^ Is it possible to have that high of damage? With 111 dmg per upgrade the base damage prior to upgrade would have needed to be approx 60k... He said he got it from nightmare when I asked. That kind of damage seems a bit insane. I did a printscreen of the sword if you want me to link it, but I'll have to find it. I'd be more inclined to question how he acquired enough mana to upgrade it to max level.
  8. It doesn't matter how far behind you are, you're allowed to go at your own pace. The problem is that the gap between Insane-tier heroes and Nightmare-tier heroes is ridiculously large. So if you're able to do the whole campaign along with the challenges on Insane, it's really not worth the grinding to make the leap to Nightmare.
  9. i'm sad all my friends quite DD... I become legendary defender barely alone... but i can't become a Mythical defender without partners... man, that is sad... I think it's more sad to waste countless hours grinding in a video game than doing something actually useful with your time. Maybe they just realised how pointless it was long before others did?
  10. Like I said, I don't really have any characters which can take on Nightmare, especially getting up to Wave 15 in it. I have however finally found a decent fairy for the time being.
  11. Yeah, I don't think Zamira is going to be happening any time soon due to my friend's unwillingess to play warping core and people are charging ridiculous amounts for even crappy fairies in their shops. I might see if they're up for doing some insane survival on the royal gardens, but I'm guessing the fairy you get from that doesn't compare to Zamira. Is anyone willing to let go of a good fairy for 8 - 10 million mana with attributes (only care about hero-boosting ones) comparable to my current pet (ignore it's damage of course)? I don't mind if it's at level 1, I'd probably prefer that actua
  12. Been there. I managed to do IALSMM with a pre-New Heroes DLC geared App/Monk and DpsApp, got to wave 17 with some ease (though took alot of time) and I've gotten about 60mil that run. Do you get more Mana in general for doing Mixed Mode as opposed to normal survival?
  13. Do all warping core dlc missions on insane best as you get the best fairy from those missions out of it. Yeah, the insane one looks like the only one worth trying for, it's going to be quite the mission to figure out strategies to do all 4 on insane though.
  14. NM ramparts - 12m mana for 15 minutes NM MM alchemy - 1.5h - 100m, 2h - 150m, 3h - 250m,.. What about without nightmare-tier Heroes?
  15. Topic is the question, what ways have you found to be the best / quickest way to farm mana?
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