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  1. Where even the crystal try to kill you... http://i67.tinypic.com/16kqbfn.jpg
  2. First of all, thanks for the update and hard work. :) Second, one time the PS4 community are getting a 50% sale on the new dlcs, are we PC players getting something similar as well? :D ty in advance.
  3. Well said and i agree. I dont know about the data the devs are getting or how theyre evaluating it, but in my personal experience( and the majority of my friends in game) Multiplayer atm isnt friendly to no one(not even to the new player and to the end game player), bc of that i just do MP with some close friends who are climbing for AP. Protean Update and the new MP incentives are really good imo(made me get back to the game), but we need some better public lobby management imo. Just my opinion anyway.
  4. Buena suerte Nick. Que todo corra bien en tu nueva jornada :)
  5. Me and Piki got around 30 ish amps each one from floor 80-300.
  6. Hello all Atm i did tried some Heavy Cannonball on cannons with piercing mod and i saw the heavycannon balls dont go trough shields, its a bug or its the intended behavior? ty in advance.
  7. Hello guys, just telling here atm Damage Buff chip and Ability Buff Chip are not working when you use Provoke with squire(working normal with all others heros also), just asking if its like that or a bug? Also how in the hell Lifeburn Armor chip works? its say your gain +2190%(only an example value) of armor when at 20% health, its really a percentage? bc if yes, i think its near impossible to kill a hero with like 30k+ armor one time he get to 20% health. Cheers all.
  8. Its was a really bad design decision(not totally), new map is good, with the progressive lane change and those mutators add some new experience to the game. But the "progression" system is kinda messed.After floor 61, you need to 3 maps every time(hope God youre good and dont lose or dont get a connection issue). Not gonna talk about the reset, ppl already voiced it enough. Hoping to a better future for now, anyway i think your guys here on this thread can start a new thread talking only about tthe new changes your guys think are worth to implement on the onslaught system, i mean, say your g
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