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  1. Just like that I'm done playing. Great game as of right now, but I don't feel a need to grind if it's all going to be reset. They get my 10/10 and very thick review with my catered responses for people who do great jobs. Again I'm not grinding out 100+ hours for it to vanish. SOOooo I can wait.
  2. Some of the codes I've received I'm unable to claim. It says codes are invalid. -------------- Example : I was able to claim crystal squire and gold squire. Monk, Apprentice, and hunter skins do not show up. ------------ Recommendations on how to fix would be nice. Maybe I just missed a step?
  3. You could do like I do is after each wave, unequipped all the items on your mule. Go to sort and find your relics/armor and starting from the upper left to the right equip items in order. From what I can see it sorts the armor by Item Power; which I think will increase the rates of getting higher gear each consecutive wave.
  4. Power Transfer get a medallion with ton of power and crit damage as one of the secondary. Add 60% of the power to the crit damage, get more shards like crit def which I think is like another 30% to crit damage. Hell I'm c3 and I got lucky from a purchase. My traps atm are doing near 450k crits. I'm near the end of my farm for c3 and about to jump to c4
  5. The method I managed this with I don't want to make public, so I can give an account to a dev in private if they want. This isn't something I want everyone trying to figure out how to replicate.
  6. When should I start working on building a second character of the same type so that I can have one for DPS, and the other for Defense. How much should I care about optimizing? Examples include making a single character for one specific tower and investing ascension points into that specific ability. Which traps are the best to build in combination for some sort of synergy. Who has the best wave clear? I'm not talking about burst damage, but can pump out decent amount of damage to clear out trash mobs so that your better able to support other lanes when they fall behind. Right now I've re
  7. Tower Positioning, Map Awareness, and the time invested to gear up your hero. I feel like these are some key points. I use discord to make verbal calls for assist.
  8. I just joined back in the fun. I had initially purchased the founder's pack a long time ago to support the production of this game. I was probably near perfect godly gear back in dd1 on most of my characters. Now that I'm back, I was curious if the developers plan to do community events on weekends for the chance to obtain limited edition gear.
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