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  1. https://gyazo.com/974082a275352bb25effe500abe7655c This happens when I open and run dd2? Also if I close it , it closes out my dd2 as well.
  2. I don't mind setting up defenses, but I want to do it in c7 not c3 Play C7 and buy C3 shard packs... 500 DM a pack is kind of a waste. I am not saying that the only option here is preset defenses, but I have heard a lot of complaints from the streamers (Sidewalk, exglint, etc..) that it would be a nice feature especially for lower level chaos tiers. This could also be solved by making it a choice of what shards you receive as [[156333,users]] stated. Or they just could make shard packs purchasable by gold. They could make it for each 100 ascension levels you get that many shards after a v
  3. I don't mind setting up defenses, but I want to do it in c7 not c3
  4. I am maxed c7 gear and have been grinding c3 for some deadly strikes shards for the past week and let me tell you either they better increase the amount of shards that drop or give us some way to have a preset-build. Like if we have enough DU then do {x} build. I know some of you will say "but building is apart of the game" and I agree with you, but I'm c7 maxed gear I could build pure blobs and clear it. Also it just takes so much time up from what the end goal is. I understand not allowing preset builds in like c7 and stuff like that, but this is so annoying.
  5. Are there damage stats somewhere or can I just not find them. Also if there aren't why don't they add them=]
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