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  1. I'd like to enter. Playing through the game atm and would like to use it at some point since it seems rare.
  2. Originally played the game on PS3 when it was a PSP exclusive (Playstation plus subscription.) And free in 2012. Played the game and eventually moved over to PC 5 years later. Happy to say, I can finally eventually get the DLC I wanted to use and use PC Mods I wanted to years ago lmao.
  3. Considering the last official update on a post was two months ago i'd say a few more months. Around two or three more months approximately at most. Anything beyond that would make this update determined to be more of like a huge expansion to the game. All that's new to the game being released are; new maps previously used, new tavern expansion, and some new weapons/weapon adjustments. So just give it a few months at most.
  4. Yeah I can kind of see that. Its a little ridiculous that they almost never put the game up for sale. But i'd assume it would be that way becuase they want to make a profit off of people like me until Dungeon Defenders becomes years and years older :(. Kind of hilarious since Dungeon Defenders 2 is free. I will just go ahead and wait for the new update. I'm sure by then the game will go on sale for like 70% off :)
  5. I have made the decision to play on Competitive/TrendyNet Servers because I'd like to give myself the challenge of collecting all in game items of various colors or rarity or what not :P. I'm not going to be trading right now at this moment, but I'm willing to look for any coal traders that accept/buy mana -> coal. Feel free to add me on Steam, or send me a PM about it.
  6. So I bought the game on Steam, after browsing through the inter webs I have been seeing that the collectors edition of the game has been sold for very cheap prices (around $14 minimum or so.) I was just curious if these sales still do pop up from time to time. I would love to buy all the DLC without draining my money on the game so... Have any sales poped up lately this year/last year?
  7. Well alright, I don't know what else to say to be honest since its just going to take time to level. There isn't really a "definitive" way to gain XP or farm at very low levels. I think Castle Court might be an option for me starting out but i'm not there yet (I'm currently on The Armory stuck on the last wave on medium difficulty becuase of all the healer troops and the ogre at the end.) So I guess only time will tell. Thanks! (And sorry if this last post made almost no sense lol.)
  8. I have "early game" characters that are around level 15 - level 8 or so. So using more difficult maps wouldn't really help as much since I can get destroyed easily, I would show the characters stats but I don't know how to Ctrl + V here to links/images on the forums. (Just trying to show screenshots on Imgur pretty much about my character stats.) For some reason I can't copy & paste links here. Its beyond me why. The thing about my low level characters that bother me or lack DPS is I can't go back off of something I have. If a main defence like a barricade breaks. I'm pretty much screwed if I can't place a proximity trap, or another blockade in time. So I basically always have to use the Squire because he deals an insane amount of damage to troops and can pretty much clear the area much easier and effectively compared to the Monk, Mage, and Huntress. To resolve that issue I kind of realized this after posting; using the summoner might be a good idea for dealing more DPS with other characters besides the squire? Idk that seems like the best solution in my opinion for more effective strategies and using more DPS. Its not that I want to find the best way to grind. I want to figure out how to play level after level without having to balance my whole team by grinding. (Or well, balance without grinding but idk.) 
  9. Neat, I will make sure to list my ideas here :) ========= *Quallity of life Changes 1. Allow rotation of the player map; When you hold a certian key the map of the level (or area you are in.) Will show. To some people who view the map they can or may get confused easily the way the map is shown. For example on The Labatory the two areas beneath the main floor I look at and see are normally facing the left and right; on the map they are shown diffrently (up and down), allowing players to change the perspective or position of the map could help a few players out while playing the game without getting confused constantly or making a wrong turn. 2. Allow a "notification" to go through or block "notifications" when battling in game (combat phase.); By notifications I am refering to when a certian defense gets struck down. Normally when a target goes down the player will be notified that the following tower went down. This is something I really like in the game but the problem is when i'm trying to look or figure out a certian defense that went down on the map it can be frustrating trying to backtrack what went down, or even worse if I don't care about the defense why would I want to see it. To make backtracking easier or less of a hassle. Players can chose whether or not they would like to see certian defenses (they will have to enter these manually.) To be shown that they are down. Example; There are three defenses in the area, a blockade, a proximity trap, and a aura, all summoned by the same player. The player places a "flag" or some type of setting that makes it so the Aura, and proximity (when broken) will not show above as a notification. And the player places another "flag" that sets a defense to show it being broken. You may be asking why would players want this; good question. Your first question might be; "wouldn't that waste a lot of time" yes it would. The best solution in my opinion is to configure defense "notifications" to show in a few ways. * 1. Do not show other players notifications - This means notifications that appear from other players towers will not show and items would have to be set in game to show up as a "notification" in order to be shown (in order to be shown by default.) * 2. Do not show your friends notifications - Same as the 1st option, if this is enabled your friends tower messages won't show. They will have to be enabled in game with a "flag" * 3. Do not show EVERYONES notifications - Same as the 1st but everyones (and your defenses) will NOT show in the notifications feed. This means if you have this option set you will have to set flags to every defense to show in the notifications freed becuase none will show by default. * Next on the list :) ; Show a certian defenses health by the side of the screen (can be configured anywhere.) Along with the idea above, Having this enabled will allow players to see the health of their most important lines of defenses in a tab next to them. Without having to look on the map and make a guess or approximation of their tower(s) main line defenses. Since this is currently not a feature in Dungeon Defenders by default this will be disabled and will have to be enabled in the in game settings. Just like before players will have to "flag" items similar to the idea above, the number of defenses shown may be limited to the size of the players monitor or from the game its self. * Allow "naming" of defenses; Similar to the flaging idea. I think it would be great to allow renaming of defenses by "flaging" This would make it more easier to see what the purpose of that defense does in that area or makes it easier to notice/see if your just the kind of player who likes to have certain defenses lined up. Of course, players would also be able to see there name of the defense go by in the notifications passing by when a defense dies, and also see it in the progress/health bar of their defenses tab. * Allow players to see their cordinates; Cordinates in game are what help lead people to an area and show X, Y, and Z values. This has some use for developers testing an area in game or map, but it also helps players to with strategizing. So they can mark cordinates or areas and use it to their advantdge. Once again since this is not something in Dungeon Defenders the option to have it by default will be off and will have to be turned on in the settings. * Hide the progress bar of "Combat Waves" ; You know that number up there? Yup that one that shows how far your into that wave. I'm sure not everyone likes it, so why not have the option to remove it? Of course this setting will not be enabled by default becuase its a core gameplay feature and already in the game. So players will have to go into the settings and remove it. * Hide "Number of enemies this wave" during the build phase there is normally a area where it says there will be X number of enemies this wave. Some may like it, some may not. Why not allow and have a setting to get rid of it optionally. This setting will not be enabled by default becuase it is a core gameplay feature like I said last time its becuase this is already in the game. * During boss waves, and the countdown timer. Have the option available to remove; Have you ever gotten a headache from the numbers going up in your face and trying to focus more on getting defenses ready for the boss? Why not have the countdown timer go towards the timer that ticks during the build phase of the game (that countdown timer in the top left hand corner.) By default this option will not be enabled becuase it is already in the game and its a core mechanic. * (Cosmetic) Use diffrent Tavern Maps; Have you ever booted into the game and ever said "Well dang it! I don't like this!" Well now you can change your tagern completely. Whether or not you prefer a certian tavern look like the christmas one, halloween, hell one?, or the new one about to be released (tavern expansion.) You can use those and be able to set which one you would like to spawn in every single time you play or finish playing a map. (Note; Becuase some Taverns are going to be missing some core features becuase of the new tavern expansion that is coming soon. Players that change their tavern may have limited features. It should also be noted that anything you put in the tavern (like weapons) May be moved or completely missing from the tavern. At some point when possible it may be possible to not have items change where they are so I guess you can say that never may happen?) *(Cosmetic) Keep defenses where they are at by default in the Tavern ; This might be possible or not. But i'd love to see this feature in game. *"Online" trading. ; Have you ever hated it when you have to go to a players tavern every single time by default to buy something? Well now you don't have to with online shopping. This is a feature i'd like to see when connecting to TrendyNet servers and have the option to 1. Quick Game, 2. Search Games, 3. Private Match, and 4. Online Trade. This should serve like a convient tool similar to ebay in a way (without auctions.) So you can search for player shops and buy stuff from them without needing to connect to their Tavern every single time. * (Cosmetic) When in someone elses Tavern, allow/disallow hearing their music, and seeing their items. ; This is an option that should allow players to hear or not the players music in their Tavern if they are annoyed by it. And have the option to not see any in game dropped items in the tavern so they can navigate through the area. * (Cosmetic) Allow players to change the "theme background" of their player on the player select screen; If you don't know what I am talking about I am referring to the background of a player profile; i.e; Squire has one in red, Mage has one in purple, Huntress has a light green one, and Monk has a light-brown kind of color. It would be neat if players could change that color so they can set it to what they prefer. * (Cosmetic) Allow players to organize where each player icon is. ; (Basically, move and set where everything is like moving files. I don't think this is a feature currently in Dungeon Defenders.) *(Cosmetic) Player Search ; (If you have a lo of characters in Dungeon Defenders and just want to search the name of the hero or stats. This might be a good tool for that.) *(Cosmetic) Change the "3D Theme" of Dungeon Defenders, the start up screen area; This might be a good tool for people who would like different 3D Themes when starting the game (Unuo the area where it says Download Content, Local Play, Online Play, Credits, and settings.) ... And thats about all I can think of for Quality of Life changes. Sorry if its a lot but I really like and appreciate this game so much and the love (but god forbid the op DLC.) the game creators and directors put into this game. Dungeon Defenders is a pretty dope game :)
  10. I always liked Dungeon Defenders becuase of the maps and progression system. I have recently played the game again on PC and was wondering what the best way to level up is without grinding, so the game is more fun rather than something you have to work up to in order to get from level to level. So far, the most powerful class I am using is the Squire (The knight.) His DPS is pretty good, his towers deal a lot of damage and he is very effective becuase he outshines the Apprentice, Monk, and Huntress in terms of his towers becuase of how defensive he can be compared to the support classes (Huntress & Monk) as well as the Apprentice. I want to balance out all of my characters levels without having to constantly grind. Any solutions? Or just make the game more enjoyable best as possible.
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