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  1. LOL No thanks, that *** was modded the *** out of.
  2. You can mute the entire game chat. Go to options, then go to 'accessibility' and make sure the tick on 'voice chat' is off.
  3. Thanks for the help y'all, I've decided to get the EV2 :D
  4. This will be fixed in Patch 1.0.3. Right now, there's a bug where the Minimum Ascension Level doesn't work when you click Continue. EDIT: We're still investigating a fix for this issue. With all of that said, we agree there should be more host options and/or global restrictions to address the situation. How would you feel about a global restriction on Public Trials Games only that you can't use heroes who are less than Hero Level 50? 'To answer the original post: You already need to complete the Campaign before the Trials will unlock for you. That said, there's nothing to stop players from
  5. I'm nearly at 10,000 defender medals, what hero should I buy when I reach it?
  6. Precisely. I'm only ascension 23, so I stick to Trial Chaos I // II // Incursions I. Stay in your lane.
  7. It's getting really annoying. I complete the campaign in about 3 hours total so it's clearly not very hard to do. It's annoying me. People who are like level 12 (which just happened) join the game and don't leave when you ask them to. It ***s up the game. I realize we have a "vote to kick" option, but you need everyone else to vote in favor... Not a majority, all 3 other players. This rarely happens. There needs to be something to stop people joining unless they have completed the campaign.
  8. Yeah. Thankfully, a lot of new players don't know how to join higher levels yet haha. But seriously, devs need to do something about it. Suppose there are ascension level caps on games you can use.
  9. You didn't press the left analogue stick in did you? Correct me if I'm wrong, but doesn't that make you sell the item(s)? Does on PS4, anyway...
  10. Not sure, I've always preferred to have company when I'm playing a game, to talk to someone/a group of people. I think there should be extra loot for extra players, more mobs for more players, more//harder bosses etc. Playing solo overall seems better on paper, but it's more fun. Not sure about y'all but I got this for fun, and I just get the most out of a game with more people.
  11. Yeah, I thought it was my internet at first but a few of my friends noticed it too. Seems to be getting better with more hours played but it's still very annoying. It makes me fall off of the map A LOT. It will probably be fixed soon though with updates, may be due to the recent influx of players?
  12. I decided to fresh-start my game because my stats were awful. I'll be sure to check out [[58175,users]], thanks :D
  13. I don't know what to do on the game anymore, I only come on now to complete the daily missions//bonus mission if there is one. I know there are chaos levels but you need to be a certain ascension to join most people hosting it, and my characters are too weak to do it on their own, I don't want to beg for help either + have people do it for me so the game is still enjoyable. When I got the game about a week ago it was fun because there was always something to do... I don't know if I'm missing something or what but if anyone knows what to do hmu in the replies please. thx 
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