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  1. what patch notes is this fix in? my mushroom staff damage hasn't changed(shroomite walking stick) I always assumed that this was intentional due to the fact that this variety of staff has such a small and useful spread compared to the higher dmg high spread staffs
  2. I've been having a similiar problem for awhile now, maps i've beaten randomly show as N/A for all stats and nothing seems to trigger the from having stats to having none and back again.
  3. I'm having this same issue now that the patch is actually released, i completed this achievement before it was even added to the list of achievements. I've double and triple checked that i have the correct award on every map( Immortal ) and i've tried running maps again to get the unlock to trigger. all the other achievements work perfectly fine i got the AMP ones easily with my friends. Just missing this one and it wont give it to me 8(
  4. same problem i cant join any steam friends games
  5. Because according to Trendy they just pushed the patch to Steam and it's in their hands and they also just updated the patch notes at the last minute with a nerf ... that's pretty much the definition of a ninja nerf. actually ninja nerf implies that a nerf was added without any mention period in notes, or any heads up on a hotfix or patch even, just bam its there find out for yourself that it happened. and whats trendy pushing the patch to steam got to do with it? the patch still isn't available for download...
  6. The problem with their ninja nerfs are that they are most times not even tested at all and it's the last second thing they go OMFG you know we should do this! it will balance the game a lot more. and we've seen the results of that. I don't really see this as a ninja nerf... they were actually beta testing this week and some changes were pending such as the increase to squire towers. the patch isnt even out yet either and people are checking the notes every 5 seconds waiting for an update, not very ninja lol...
  7. I've noticed this same problem with items changing/vanishing. seems to only occur for me when i upgrade an item in my item box after a wave during any map, survival or not. also my friends have the same problem. Sometimes re-equiping everything works, other times we have to leave the game completely and rejoin for it to register properly.
  8. This is a bug I have the same problem and i have 100% of the acheivements, all levels beaten on nightmare etc.
  9. Max boost is 40 max boost from upgrades is 20, max boost from vendor is 100+. boost itself does not cap at any number rather it suffers from diminishing returns. these diminishing returns increase greatly past 40 boost. Hunter guards however seem useless once a tower is speed capped, the only purpose they server past 40 boost is for webbed towers.
  10. or is a NM survival that is impossible to get legit... You mean that as in a nightmare survival that's impossible to beat legitimately? cause i can already do nightmare survival just fine... only reason my friends and i cant finish is because so many ogres and spiders spawn at the end of wave 24 it lags the game out with 4 people no matter which of us hosts EDIT: the guy i bought this item from is ranked on the leaderboards as completing wave 30 of mist NM survival in 2 hours. everyone i have talked to says Mist is where the 200+ armor comes from EDIT: So are you saying this item has leg
  11. I recently bought this item from a player shop, people are telling me its hacked because of the stats... I would like to know if its true. I can provide the players steam ID if it is indeed hacked. http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561197992308786/screenshot/648749446907039916
  12. shops still open the armors pretty much gone though. lots of 100-254^ weapons left though feel free to make offers on anything, trades accepted as well
  13. If you cant find it on the shops list my steam ID is N9NEaNDaHaLF I have 17 pages of shop and 16 pages of inventory full of these items so let me know what you are looking for via steam or in game
  14. hacked imo, did 7 NM UMF2 runs on 7.13c. Highest I got was 221^, unless they changed the loot scaling on 7.14 doesn't look like a legit weapon to me O_O. Lol yes just jump to hacked before doing your research, there are 250+ weapons floating arround everywhere, go run a survival.
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