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  1. I was having the same problem. I was playing C4 over and over again and wasn't getting any stats higher then the mid 5ks. I got into C5 by building a high HP DPS monk. I'm talking over 80k HP or the ninjas will one shot you when they jump on you. The next step is to make sure you are ready for C5 and that your gear is actually the max that C4 drops or close to it. I used this https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1BpIL2xG-Z6_q7pMGFfyI2OSwHwF1uLZ0bd8FkksWmZs/edit#gid=0 Go into file on that and make a copy for yourself and then use it to calculate if you are actually ready for C5 yet. You can
  2. how about player can't skip trial chaos when they aren't complete it like if u haven't finished trial chaos 1 so u can't play chaos 2 with other I really understand what u are feeling, i mostly play solo but it too hard for me to fight alone so i create or look up a room and i meet random guy which low stat compare to the trial chaos they're playing :v Solo again :v Sorry for bad English
  3. i play this game on steam so i just verify them and it ready to play :v
  4. i have reached chaos 4 and try my best to get good stat gear (5K5~5K6) at chaos 4, then i try to go for chaos 5. Get rekt many time and can't finish wave 1. Try to sreach for other experience on youtube google and all i found is their item stat is way better than my ( over 7K ) so i would need a help on ur experience on that map or even a boost :3 Sorry for my bad English
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