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  1. Console edition is an absolute garbage! Game cashes every 1-2 levels and I wasted hours and hours of progress in infinite loading screen or blue screen of death after completing level 1/1, 1/2, 2/2, 1/3, 2/3, 3/3... guys I got excited after 1.6 GB update hoping u fixed it but NO... you need to hire some quality development and QA team, this low quality products should not be delivered to players. This post is only about the crash issue... I will post separately about update itself and why I think it's also a complete garbage.
  2. Well I'm 400+ ascension and waaay pass C6 buddy. In C7 u HAVE to focus on flying enemies. I did a lot of run with Lavamancer in C7. But it's all about optimizing DU vs DPS and efficiency and tho C7 can be done with Lavamancer - you can do it more officiant way with default 4 heroes and here is why: Each lane in C7 will get ground and air action. Lavamancer you HAVE to spend fissures + geysers (each set is 30+20=50DU)Monk only need flame auras 30DU to do the same. Against flyer lanes lavamancer only got Volcano - but since it is not air support dedicated it ill target ground enemies too. With
  3. Well single target vs multi-target is a valid point ... except u need to take in consideration that this game is about maximizing stable DPS in max area of coverage for minimum amount of DU. U talking about stacking them ... ok then u will waist too much DU and still going to cover small area. And stun you referring to is not guaranteed, it's % based, also it's a shard - so it's taking away DPS for a chance to stun. In this case again why would u use Lavamancer and we will go back to 4 basic characters aka Huntress and her Geyser Traps. And walls... size of lavamancer walls are pretty much th
  4. Lately I've been playing Lavamancer a lot and I want to build with him BUT I noticed how unbalanced DD2 is... I rarely see a build without flame auras, PDSs, weap.man, squire walls. But lets do a simple comparison as an example: 30 DU Fissures vs Flame Auras: Same priceSame range Flame Auras (and weapon man.) hit flying enemies and Fissures won't - so here is simple, why would I even bother with fissures if they are not as effective as flame auras.20DU defenses Lightning Strike Auras vs Oil Geysers: Same PriceBUT Lightning Strike Auras range is ridiculously larger in comparison to Oil Geyser
  5. Match ended, I went to town, joined another match and noticed I move slower then usual. When I checked my inventory EVERYTHING (Every single item was gone: shards, begs empty, items from every single character... literally everything). This kinda bugs are just unacceptable! I just submitted a ticket but I can't play this game until they restore everything I had! and I mean EVERYTHING! I've heard about this kinda scenario before but how come developers didn't yet hotfix it? This is absolutely outrageous.
  6. I've noticed that too - also couple of times we had a pretty good farming group - all of us clicked continue and it took us all into different sessions with other noob ppl in it, instead of keeping us together. Dev really gotta work this thing out - because soloing is not always fun.
  7. But this is a huge problem. Game is designed around online experience - sure u can play solo, but it's originally intended to be played online in multiplayer. That's why Default option when u log in is "Go to Town" and not Tavern. You are right. In my opinion these features are necessary. They have been suggested a very long time ago (back when the game went to open alpha). Sadly this has been ignored by the developers. Instead we have received a vote kick option. Yeah voting doesnt work if 2 leechers joining ur match and one of them won't vote, or party of 2-3 ppl. Also, minimum ascension
  8. But this is a huge problem. Game is designed around online experience - sure u can play solo, but it's originally intended to be played online in multiplayer. That's why Default option when u log in is "Go to Town" and not Tavern.
  9. Yep same here, I've been collecting videos on all this bugs and eventually will make a youtube compilation on how bad it is - every time I submit a ticket or address something to the dev, they act like this is the first time they hear about and like it's my systems/internet problem and totally one off... In just one week I collected whole lot of videos with unkillable mobs and bosses, with horrible lag and teleportation across a map, bosses spawn behind barricades and mid air sometimes, enemies which ignore barricades and just running through them including bosses. I made an accidental purchas
  10. I'm all for that - seems like right now its just leeching and begging. We need IPWR back.
  11. its not really possible to leech since the gear will drop close to the stats of their current gear, but yeah it's been a problem. that is why they added in the minimum ascension requirement although I don't know if it is fixed yet. Its not fixed. I just created a match with minimum ascension level 200, and 3 people joined one 53 another one 86 and last one 120. How is this anything close to 200. And I know - gear drops based on the strongest character in ur deck - but I don't think everyone knows this since Trendy doesnt educate players in-game how it works. Also people join not just for gea
  12. Nah it's not Internet - it's game lag. I get it every single game. I already created a post about this a while back - i tested it out solo or with a group, every time it used to happen I would test my internet quality. Then dev stated asking about how - Lag sometimes is in the beginning of a match - no enemies they can blame it on, no defenses, no offenses nothing. But even then - if enemies is a part of the games and defenses/offenses, special effects, speed shards - game has to perform flawlessly on a platform it is designed for. Thats why all software developers got QA teams - to test quali
  13. I never played PC version of this game - but was it always this bad? 90% matches I see will have "Carry me plz" title or randomly joining VERY low lvl players. Don't get me wrong - I like helping people, but only when a player tries and fails on a relevant to them level. Not when LVL1 players joining Chaos 7. I think developers gotta do something here. Set some hard coded min level access lets say if u r ascension 1, u will have access only to Chaos 1 - and wont' be able to join Chaos 2-7. Or armor value or some how to evaluate players capability to complete it and not just leech in the game
  14. the only blue I'm seeing is if i'm in town and clicking option and the players list to the left - some names highlighted blue.
  15. I've been playing this game 3-4 hours a day for the past couple of weeks and I noticed how empty it is... Well let me correct myself. Campaign missions are nicely populated with all them low level beginners - but only very few make it to C1, even fewer to C2. Starting C3 and C4 u will see 1-3 games and most of them going to be them leechers with labels like "Carry Me" or "Help" etc etc... and U won't find a single game for C6 or C7, and C5 ... lets say 90% of the time it's empty, and only one u will see there are leeching ones again. So ... literally been soloing C3 and C4 today - bored. Maxed
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