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  1. Actualy it's still a little the case since if someone leave the game all his def are stay here but their stats drop down as if the player is level 1 and have no relics/shard on them if i'm right , also (if i'm still right) everyone are able to sell them.
  2. Really? Can you get them even if you already completed campaign once? I think he meant when you completed it for the first time. Ofc yes that's what i mean , if it was possible people will farm campaign all day long instead of chaos lol.
  3. You can earn 600 gems while doing Campaign but i think its all.
  4. I didnt get any bugs like this and my GF too , also it sound like a connection issue instead of game problem , i'm pretty sure your connection was low as these moment (or maybe steam was in downloading for something ?).
  5. Try "screen" the picture with Gyazo (a very usefull tool) then on the gyazo page on internet right clic the picture and copy , then past it like a text here it should work.
  6. I do not see the report with the title , did you swap 2 topic or what ?
  7. Thx for the vid , i'll check that tomorrow but auto translated-subtile from YT are very often chaotic xD But even if i can't understand everything i think i should catch some interesting things , so thanks you :p (and GN).
  8. -snip- But DD1 wasnt free to play , if we can trade in DD2 people will make fake account and farm shard with daily quest then trading (for example). After i must agree about the fact DD1 have many feature we miss in DD2 (its why i've reinstal dd1 + pay it to my GF 10 days after playing dd2 , every day i was like "i wish they add XXX like in dd1"...)
  9. People should post a report bug here https://bugs.dungeondefenders2.com/home Or if a post already exist , post a comment for share their story about this bug , if more people participate , faster it will be fixed imo.
  10. New chaos tier are planned (also for re-introduce some shard removed from drop) , but like said above , the game need to become social again , we play in private 98% of time, others 2% are campaign for daily quest....
  11. Hello , i wanna ask to the community if someone know when the update will be released , they may sid it in the devstream but as non-native english speaker i can understand well while writed but not much on a video. So any info about that please ?
  12. Silly question. Did you try re-logging? RussianHammer : Please try and answer us , maybe it was a temporary bug and nothing more. Also it should help others in the same case to know how to "fix" this problem instead of turning them mad.
  13. If you speak about the "G key dont work" , it happens not so rarely on PC too , as far as i remember , it occur on the last players who haven't press G yet (i mean 3 first players are able to press G but the last one can't). Also it's maybe only occur when playing at 4 players (don't remember see this bug whil playing at 3 players or less) but need verification.
  14. Btw i've get 2 axe and 1 bow in the same game , i think i was very lucky cuz my others friends didnt drop anything at all.
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