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  1. Tower balance at the moment is probably the best it has been in the games history. That is not to say there are not a few issues primarily with the higher DU cost towers. Personally I think this issue is a result of the extremely low DU amounts maps have. If we ignore DU costs being too low per map/DU costs being too high per some towers, can the higher DU cost towers be fixed by changing how they work instead of adjusting DU values? Proposed Changes: 1. Ballista: I love the ballista, but the issue I have with it is its attack rate and how punishing one missed shot is for the towers sustained DPS. The primary goal of the ballista over cannonball tower is to clear trash, while the cannonball tower is the god slayer. I believe ballista per shot damage is wayyyy too high, while the attack rate is wayyyy too slow. This one seems like an easy fix. Greatly increase Ballista attack speed (2x,3x,4x?) but cut the attack damage in half. 2. Blaze Balloon: This one is tougher. Blaze balloons concept is cool, but given EMP orcs, the cost cannot be justified. Blaze balloon could regain some of it's glory if the "node" that you interact with (upgrade, repair, etc) was instead where the balloon sits in the air but even higher up, not on the ground. Make that node un-targetable by EMP orcs. This would allow blaze balloon to be the only aura/trap that can be placed without worry of EMP orc. The higher cost justifies the gained safety. 3. Earthshatter: Similar to Ballista, I would rather see the attack rate increased and damage reduced to be a better aoe/trash cleaner. 4. Volcano: Pre-trials this was my favorite tower. I loved having 3 lavamancers and 3 volcanos. Now they are incredibly underwhelming. All stats are too low on them despite cost. They are currently not an effective tower. I would love it if they went back to non-stop spraying of balls with increased range even if it meant they halved the damage. The volcano given price/DU cost should be a half map covering flamethrower tower (less damage than flamethrower obviously) with continuous fireballs and incredible range. Damage does not need to be high at all. Obelisk: I don't use this so will refrain from suggestions. Nimbus: More range, better tracking. Clean up the AI and it should be fine. Another thing that I think should be added to all towers is a way to choose a priority. In Bloonz Tower Defense you can set it so towers select (First, Last, Strong, Weak). If nimbus (and all towers for that matter) could make this selction, I think it would make nimbus a much more useful tower. Telling it to target the strongest monster in its range for example would be very helpful. Or you could ignore all of the proposed changes above and increase DU limits on maps or decrease DU cost of the listed towers. Another unrelated/somewhat related note: The thing I miss most about Onslaught and DD1 was the ability to finally get all of my towers fully upgraded in a match. This game will not let me scratch that itch in Trials as I am lucky to get a handful of my towers to level 3, or very few of them to max level. More mana should drop to allow the maxing of tower upgrades. The higher cost towers should also scale better when upgraded as a benefit of their cost.
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