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  1. Already been said, but the market has been beyond destroyed for well over a year. Cubes and the like being used at the 'supreme' currency was the most pathetic thing to have ever happened to this game.
  2. This is happening to a decent amount of people as of late. No one really knows what is going on, but it either the current drivers for your video card, or some speculate it could be a router issue. Either way it is not something we can completely control on our ends. To be fair though, it seems like if you are on a wireless connection and have a spare ethernet cable to plug into your router, it might be worth giving it a try. Other than that, no real solutions.
  3. AMd just came out with a new driver, I'll have to play some today and see if I can get the problem to occur. If not, well, you won't see me posting here again xD Good luck. Hope nvidia releases one soon as well >
  4. I run on a nvidia 670 gtx card myself, and have been experiencing some of the issues that others have been reporting. I use to play np with this card several months ago, but recently came back to give the game another chance only to be plagued by feezes mid game. I'd get 3-5 waves into a round, and it will just randomly crash for seemingly no reason. Desperate for help at this point. I reinstalled drivers and tried reinstalling the game twice so far. The absolute only thing that worked was putting in my old 8800 gt card. As you might imagine.... that is very old and cant run any newer
  5. Huh, never knew that Akatiti gave kobolds. Has anyone done testing to see how the quality of them (ie chance to get perfect) compares to insane hc TD? Haven't done tavern defense yet, but 2 of my friends got the following from akatiti. First had 3 tower stats at 600 with the 4th at 200ish with 100 ups and the second was one with 3 tower stats, all at 600 with 23 ups. This was insane hc. Also, does anyone have any opinions on which map is better to farm those on? Is one faster than the other?
  6. I just came back to the game a week ago after taking a 6 or so month break. After learning about the new maps, and what they awarded, a few friends and myself got excited and decided to learn akititi jungle so we could do survival to get some kobalds on a treadmill. Anyway, long story short, we got to wave 35, and on that wave when there were the most enemies on the screen yet (I run on medium settings on a 670 gtx), the game started lagging quite a bit for 1 of my friends and myself and led to a crash. I know it is the same old story... you get to the last wave after 2 and a half boring ho
  7. By the time the game has passed $60 to get the game + all the DLC, it'll have better value than most mainstream $60 games, still. I think there are some issues with Trendy's pricing, but the game's worth more to the dollar than most are these days, even when you add in the DLC on top. I can agree with you to a degree, but the value isn't the entire issue here. If this game was priced higher at release, I probably would not have purchased it. The fact that they have squeezed so much DLC into the game in such a short amount of time makes me feel like it was an underhanded plot to squeeze as
  8. So the game's DLC has officially gone over the base game's price in less than 2 months. Let us not forget that there is other DLC as well that adds up to around 10-12 bucks (genders, warping core, holiday stuff if you weren't around to get them for free). I am happy for everyone willing to pay 16 bucks for the DLC, but that has crossed the line for me.
  9. Basically, for 5 bucks, it is highly questionable. I bought it, but I can't say it was truly worth the money for some genders that probably should have come with the base game anyway. It is subjective. If you want to play as a certain gender badly enough, then go for it, but the differences aren't that great, just slightly revamped abilities on each. Example being that the countess has a weaker version of blood rage, but buffs teammates. Ranger has a triple piercing shot, but each one does a 3rd or so of the damage of the huntress's version.
  10. I have been wondering about this as well. If we really need survival/umf quality gear to start in nightmare, that would be a rather significant disappointment for me. If they let us gear up from starting on deeper well first, then moving forward through the levels, then I would be very happy. I can understand needing 50-70^ stuff for the stage 3 levels, glitter, and whatever new ones they are adding, but there needs to be another way of obtaining the required gear before then other than survival.
  11. Errr, if you aren't fans, then why watch? Everyone who watches them knows, and they admit, that they are not very good gamers. It really doesn't surprise me, but I guess I am just use to watching them.
  12. Bit too late to do anything at this point. Economy screwed up to such a high degree, that their only option would be to wipe everyone's characters and start over. I doubt very many people would want that atm >< Setting up shops use to be my favorite thing to do, but now I spend 4-6 hours getting 60^ weapons that i can barely sell for 3-4m a piece. Just isn't worth it anymore. In short, there is no working economy anymore. Far too inflated at this point.
  13. Sucks loosing your characters but really.. this game you can get highest level in less than 30min, you could've had all your work back by now if you didn't wait for this long. A lot of people lost more than just a 'new 70' character. This issue has affected a lot of people, and should be top priority to either fix, or to help with.
  14. Only thing I disagree with is the weapon speed point. It honestly doesn't seem to make much of a difference anymore. If anything, standard speed weapons seem to outperform my old katana.
  15. i have 87 games on Steam and 293 hours on DD and you're saying im a Casual Player cuz im Defending Trendy? yeah.... uh no.. Needs to get your facts str8. I Defend Trendy because i like the game, i defend them because of the dedication theve shown towards the game in such a short time, something NO DEV Has ever done(outside of MMOs). I Defend them because i use the game for entertainment, and thats what ALL GAMES are, ENTERTAINMENT. You know, my 10 y/o son plays DD.. does he complain about it? No he doesnt. do you know why? because he doesnt know about all the changes that have been ta
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