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  1. Happy cake day. We appreciate all your help!
  2. Depends on your hero that you want to focus on. But most offense towers require- Defense critical damage-campaign Destruction-c1 Deadly strikes-c3 Defense rate,power transfer-c4 And defense tower (blockades) Fortification-campaign/shielding guard-c3 Best bet hit c3 and c4 shard packs if you having difficulty farming those. Or save your medals for new hero next week :)
  3. Anyways I'm seeing a Trend here with Trendy haha get it Trend=Trendy. But yea they messing over players thats actually supporting them.
  4. I'm in the same situation as you except I lost everything. Thing is I'm already at c6 compared to when my items got erased at c3. Not only that I bought packs before the erase and (after) this was before I knew a rollback would erase my after items. I've sent them proof of purchases before/after from my transaction history.
  5. Thx bud. Like really I'm not even asking for it all to come back. I just want some kind of compensation or just the deluxe pack they can keep the gems for all I care.
  6. Exactly what [[172136,users]] said it shouldn't be my fault b/c it took them 3 weeks to tell me that they can do roll back that would erase my current progress. Essentially the first couple of purchases they stole from me and even if I did a roll back they still would be stealing from me with the purchases I made afterwards. I haven't demanded anything all I've been doing is requesting and bringing up options that they can perhaps do for me.
  7. I feel they would close my account if I go to the bank. So I don't want to do that. I'm sure that a roll back is not there only option if they are able to give free items out with this next patch. Why can't they just do the same for my items or just gems
  8. I did dig myself deeper but it was before I knew that they can roll back and that a roll back would erase anything I've done after. In the first 2 weeks all I got from them was that they were working on it. So I countinued playing b/c I wanted to keep leveling ascension. The 3 week in they just told me about the roll back. I haven't bought anything since they told me about the roll back.
  9. Not to mention I've sent in a2nd ticket in the topic which they just closed and merged it with my first ticket
  10. As I said it's been 3 weeks since my whole inventory disappeared. I've contacted and put in my ticket with the support team. My last response I got from them was "We could you roll your profile back to July 2 but we see that you continued to play after the wipe occurred, you would lose anything you collected, earned, etc as well as any progress since that date. If you'd like us to do please let us know". I obviously told them no I don't want a roll back because I've progressed much further then I was before. I've even sent them proof of purchases before the date and after. So in which case I s
  11. yeah i remember it was 50 on pc but that was a while ago. idk if they changed it. Prices I think are legit. It only takes 2 upgrades come everything else taking 4
  12. None the less appreciate your input 😂 [[88563,users]]
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