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  1. Could someone let me know the gear map - or the max gear in the chaos levels. one that is more current, keep finding some that are outdated and are very wrong as I've found higher items than are listed in the chaos. Please and Thank you :)
  2. I have to keep re-muting people by going to their gamercard and its very annoying, as people have music that is very staticy or have loud noises and It's a pain. It would be nice to have an in-game mute button that lasted until the game was over/you left the game or just until you unmuted them.
  3. I've found that C3 is actually easier than C2 because of the cyborks. The best way to handle the cyborks that I've found is to have ability power based character and use the abilities on them I dont think thats necessarily true as I main gunwitch and kill things perfectly fine on my own and she is ranged. I do agree tower wise though, I don't see many built unless they are Abyss lord towers.
  4. As I literally said earlier, I didn't know if they updated them to cost 125 or not. I explained that in my previous reply.
  5. I seen on PC that someone upgrades it 2 times for max like it is on console, but it only costs 50. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iTVStDMJIiE Go to 40 seconds on that video, It was made Nov. 28th on 2016, so not sure if they updated them to be 125 on pc or not
  6. Does anyone know why it costs 50 crystals to upgrade the Dryad's World Tree on pc but its 125 on Xbox?
  7. The Druid's Towers being summoned or even using Abilities can cause the game to crash for everyone in the party.
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