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  1. that, along with a few cache clears and such, fixed it for me. thank you a lot!
  2. So I've now had a ticket request open for 4 days and haven't gotten a response of any kind, figured I'd ask here because I'd like to be able to play DD2 with my buddies. So my problem is that the launcher works perfectly, the intro cinematic works perfectly, but then my game will actually just turn black and alternate between partially and fully blackscreened. When partial, I can see my default Windows cursor, and I can also open tabs (for about a second, before the large black screen overlaps them). I've tried to fix it using the following: -Running in admin mode -Updating drivers -Changed resolution in the DefaultGame.ini file to the correct resolution for my system (1320 x 768) -Changed default start-up setting to non-windowed fullscreen in DefaultGame.ini, per D4rkwolf's popular forum post -Changed the default screenmode setting in UDKOptions.ini to 0 -Turned my computer on and off -Verified game cache Any help would be greatly appreciated!
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