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  1. Awesome! :) Would love to see a completed map with this theme!
  2. http://forums.trendyent.com/showthread.php?27016-DDDK-Tutorials-Your-First-Map http://forums.trendyent.com/showthread.php?22964-DunDef-Dev-Kit-Master-Tutorials-List!
  3. Copy and pasted from a post by Jeremy: "1. You can also affect enemy path decisions by adding a ""NavMeshWeightVolume" around an area. It has a weight parameter. Any value greater than 0, and enemies will not FAVOR that path, they'll consider it more costly, but they will still be able to pathfind through it if necessary (for example if they are pushed into it). You might need to use a high Weight value if you really want them to totally avoid the space, since it's a cost calculation multiplier that also factors in travel distance to their destination, etc. But it can definitely be useful fo
  4. There is a very rare issue that happens with UE3 sometimes. I've only seen it happen a few times and even then its only on a specific game. A few things to try - Try building light on another level and see if it crashes, better yet start a completely empty level with nothing but a cube and some point lights and build lighting. If neither of these causes it to crash for you try going back into your level and slowly delete things and rebuild lighting as you go. Sometimes a single mesh can cause your light build to crash, its just finding out which one is the issue :P Of course if it crashe
  5. Not good for making levels? There's a reason UE3 is the most used game engine out there and it's definitely not because it's hard to use and not good for making levels... BSP is EXTREMELY easy to use in UE3. It is not meant to be used to make complicated stuff, thats what static meshes are for.
  6. Looking good! Helms Deep should match the DD style very well!
  7. Quick question, are there enough assets in the game to do a graveyard themed map? Yes there definitely is!
  8. You do not need to download the UDK separate. After downloading the DLC for it you need to open DunDefTool which can be found at ProgramFiles - Steam - Steamapps - Common - DungeonDefenders - Binaries
  9. I didn't actually set up that stuff or work on the level so can't answer that for sure :P I'd assume it would cause issues with the dragon or simply allowing gameplay that wasn't wanted. A lot of times in level design the safest choice is the one to choose.
  10. Pretty much, you can right click the notes and go to find note in kismet to see exactly what its purpose is, the same goes for any actor around the map thats linked in kismet.
  11. Yes there is, you will want to change the view though to something other than perspective. Make sure your in geometry mode as well, hold control and alt then drag. Of course if your just wanting to select a certain side of a brush you only need to enter geometry mode and click the entire face and it will be the same as selecting all 4 verts on that side.
  12. You need to run the DunDefTool application found in your Binaries folder. ProgramFiles(x86)/Steam/Steamapps/common/dungeondefenders/binaries.
  13. It is advised to use as many meshes instead of bsp as you can. Most of the levels were made exactly like Cr4zy mentioned but most of the newer levels, such as the DLC coming out later is nearly 100% meshes.
  14. What kind of light are you trying to use? Directional lights will work like a sun, sky lights will light everything equally no shadows at all, and point lights that have a defined radius. If your using point lights make sure its not inside other geometry. If your using directional lights, or dominant directional lights and you have a skydome over the level make sure the skydome is set to not cast shadows.
  15. Yea, his tutorials were made back for UT3. This page already explains the newer mode of working with it which is much easier than it was for UT3. Mostly the same thing still but you don't have to worry about all the silly edge, poly, vertex selection mode nonsense, you simply click on what you want to select now after entering geometry mode. http://udn.epicgames.com/Three/GettingStartedWithGeometryMode.html
  16. Setting up creep waves and spawns was posted by another user on the forums already http://forums.trendyent.com/showthread.php?23530-Tutorial-Enemy-spawning-setting-up-waves-and-wave-sizes To basically get all of this into your maps you will want to always open up the Template map released with the SDK. After opening this resave it to your own map name, the template already has all the enemy spawn/ treasure chests/ cores/ forges/ etc in them and more importantly all of the heavy scripting behind spawning enemies and all that. After saving the map to your new name simply move all of the actor
  17. Exiledblades, sorry I didn't state this before, I can do tutorials but I can't write up tutorials for anything coding based as thats not my field. Anything at all Level Design related or Editor related I'll write up a tutorial for!
  18. You may be following an old tutorial for the materials, clicking them in the browser no longer automatically adds them, you can either drag them as you mentioned or right click and apply material from there. For the black screen you need to add the map info to your level. Go to View - World Properties - open the world info tab and scroll down till you see "My Map Info" Click the little blue triangle to the right of that and select "DunDefMapInfo" You should be able to test your map after that.
  19. Kelebek, go to View - World Properties - open the "World Info" tab scroll down to "My Map Info and click the small blue arrow then select "DunDefMapInfo"
  20. We support health lifestyles, fitness, and dressing sharp. Although a lot of the levels in DD were made by a fat guy in pajamas!
  21. Tutorial: http://www.evilmrfrank.com/DungeonDefenders.html First off these pages are not to teach you how to use the editor. There are already many sites available that do that, some of which I have linked to on the page. This was written more to help people set their levels up following many of the rules that went into the game, such as path widths, level sizes, general rules, as well as a ton of tips and tricks on level design in general. If you want to see tutorials about anything Level Design/Editor related just post below. Just say what you want to read more about, whether its visu
  22. http://forums.trendyent.com/showthread.php?22062-Do-we-have-an-expected-date-for-when-the-source-will-be-available-to-download&p=166405&viewfull=1[[775,hashtags]]
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