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  1. Looking good :) Player only paths are awesome :)
  2. Your not limited by the size of the square in the template, you can expand the level as much as you want.
  3. Lol, reminds me of the Rainbow circuit from Mario Karts :P Exactly what I was thinking!!!
  4. Yea what Trook said, most of these merged meshes were named something along the lines of "Merge" "Group" etc... If you don't want those showing up in browser just type -merge or -group and anything with group or merge will disappear from search results :)
  5. Can't wait to see the awesome stuff everyone comes up with :)
  6. Helloooo! :D For the moment i am focusing a new map... top secret ;) Just gimme some time and i will do my best to bring up a "species-appropriate" map for the community. Looking forward to it!!!!
  7. I agree!!! One of the few amazing maps made, people should make more like these :p
  8. You can only run mods in open mode. You will get banned if your using an external program other than the editor to create\hack your weapons. You can make mods including your own weapons in the dev kit, but again they can't be used in ranked :P
  9. Background mountains came out pretty good :)
  10. Dublin, programmers fix most issues in the game. Artists, animators, level designers, concept artists, etc all have other jobs to attribute to. Your basically saying you want 70% of the company to be fired so you can get a bug free game?
  11. NDA's can be evil stuff ;) That being said a ton of devs at every studio I've worked for avidly read their games forums, most don't post though :B NDA's are necessary for various reasons but for the developers it's usually better safe than sorry :P NDA's for independent studios are usually a lot more loose than ones at big studios.
  12. Can't wait to see this finished :)
  13. If your only having issues with fog blocking things at long distances you can turn down the fog density. Find the heightfoginfo and open its properties, change the density to a lower number to allow you to see further. You can also change the light brightness and the startdistance settings to change this but the density will have the biggest effects.
  14. That's all nuns are allowed to drink. Yea its a sad life :(
  15. So you never played or saw Guild Wars? Back in the day when Prophecies was released the game was updated every Friday and after 6 years they're still recieving free content (at a lower rate now because of gw2). Don't get me wrong, you're making an ok job, except super-loot and dlc (not the price, the content) imo, but a bit more of humbleness will not hurt you. Aye! I'm not the one patching the game though, I just make levels. I was not saying these things to brag, especially since I most definitely am not the one fixing stuff and sending patches out. Everyone has their own jobs at Tre
  16. who hasnt posted there already? its not an isolated incident its widespread and a problem that trendy isnt addressing as they should be. pumping out new **** should not be a priority to making the game fun and stable for everyone. You do realize most of the company isn't responsible for fixing those issues in the game? New maps, characters, etc. are for the most part made by people who aren't capable of fixing these issues (As in they aren't programmers). Dungeon Defenders is not only getting a lot more patches and new features than any game I've ever seen or worked on but its also gettin
  17. Gonna pitch my two cents in after reading only the first couple pages. (I'm a horrible person) Five dollars will buy me a decent sandwich. Five dollars could also get me a little candy/a couple ice cream bars. Five dollars could get me a couple neat character models for a game I love, and also send about 2.50 to a band of nice guys who keep working on a really cheap game I love, to get THEM some ice cream. They need ice cream more than I do. Totally worth it. Quoting for Awesomeness. The game and DLC sales are what gives us paychecks. If we don't charge money we won't eat or have
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