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  1. Congrats to all of the winners!!! There were some awesome entries! :) Hopefully people continue to make awesome maps even though the contest is over :)
  2. Just my opinion, but you may want to increase your skylight brightness if your using one for those night shots :) You can use the toggleable skylights to toggle them on and off for a day/night cycle through kismet :)
  3. Awesome to still see new maps being put into the contest! :) Looks good
  4. Looking forward to the big Unreal Engine 4 reveal!!!
  5. I'd choose my real name, it's boring but iv'e never played zelda and I don't want to be named pikachu lol XD
  6. When I'm not doing DD I'm either playing Diablo 3 or making levels for other games. Anyone guess the names of the games the levels are from? XD [ATTACH=CONFIG]74[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=CONFIG]75[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=CONFIG]77[/ATTACH]
  7. For UT3 all that was needed was to cook your maps/mods for use on PS3, there was no wait time for sony to get the data over, you just had to download the files unto a usb drive and bring them over to the PS3. The only main limitation with cooking your content for the PS3 for UT3 was you couldn't do custom sounds or custom music, something to do with audio codecs... I don't remember if that was ever fixed/implemented. Can't say whether or not DD will support cooking your mods for PS3 as it's not my job to say.
  8. Looking awesome :) Can't wait to play it!
  9. Hello, my name is Vincent. I just want to let everybody know that this game is hands down the best game ever created. I'm happy and proud to be a part of the community. Thank you to the founders and creators of the game :) Always good to hear :)
  10. Looks good :) Added tree line and mountains helped a lot!
  11. Really like that first pic :)
  12. Looking great!!!! Love the use of destruction and water :)
  13. Ah looks nice!!! For directional lights to take effect you need to make sure the skydome mesh doesn't cast shadow. Also there is a bit of an issue with the way the outline effect works on really distant things that makes crazy wild lines for things in the distance, if you make the material on the distant mountains translucent it will get rid of all of the wild crazy line nonsense :D
  14. Looking good :) I'd definitely look into adding a dominant directional light to the level as well as some heightfog! Keep it up!
  15. Are you EvilMrFrank's son by any chance? :P lol XD
  16. Night time maps are always cool :) Day or night you should check into the dominant directional light, they always give maps a really sexy look with really nice shadows :) The ceiling looks a bit better, any time two bsp edges meet and create a sharp line it will always look better to put a trim of some sort to cover it up.
  17. I was just referring to something similar to this, but not so wooden perhaps XD http://1.bp.blogspot.com/_BPxgTMOFcOw/TRoVI8hD-0I/AAAAAAAADjQ/8FsHFCiS_24/s640/castle+ceiling+beams+skipton.jpg Doesn't have to be like this but flat ceilings/walls should be avoided as much as possible, just a suggestion! :)
  18. Looking good! A few things, try increasing the scale of the textures on the walls, larger bricks will help with some of the repetition and will also make the walls look a bit more realistic for it being such a large structure. You may want to change the texture of the ceiling, I'd also suggest something a bit more structural, perhaps a triangular shaped ceiling with some wood beams crossing? Only a couple of suggestions :) Keep it up!
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