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  1. Congrats to all of the winners!! Had a lot of fun playing all of the maps :)
  2. Be warned: Evilmrfrank is always watching. Muwahahaha
  3. You should definitely stick with using dominant directional lights as they will give a TON better results visually. You can change the softness of the lighting by opening the properties for the dominant directional light and going to Light - Light Component - Lightmass - and changing the Light Source Angle to a higher or lower number. Higher numbers make lighting more soft
  4. Looks awesome!! Would love to see this be taken further after the contest as well :)
  5. and work is boooooring Nice XD
  6. Akatiti and the dancing squire are awesome!!!
  7. I love giving platelets! They sit me down in a comfy chair let me pick a movie to watch then they bring me fresh baked cookies and grilled hot dogs, as well as popcorn and drinks. They even give out soft blankets :O Gotta save the babies!!!
  8. New map!! Just cause that map looks really cool :D
  9. That video is awesome!!! Can't wait for the final video!! :)
  10. The Lord of the Rings series of books are definitely my favorite :) To kill a mocking bird was a good book too!
  11. Awesome, good to see you doing a map :) Also glad somebody is making a level using the mayan assets, were easily my favorite set in the game to work with!
  12. Good luck to everyone entering :) Hope to see lots of awesomeness again!!!
  13. Looking sweet :) It's too bad the Landscape tool isn't included in the dun def editor XD
  14. I am curious to know which games from the 90's offered free patches that had fundamental game changes in them (read: more than just bug fixes, balance changes, or minor "quality of life" improvements). Patches for games made in the 90's wasn't exactly common. I'm surprised no one else has pointed out that we now have 2 classes that are "the answer" to dealing with Sharken. I think that says a lot about the Sharken. Look into Unreal and UT99. They had a lot of patches and free bonus packs as did a lot of other games :)
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