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  1. Reminds me of DM-Asbestos. Nice looking map! Only somebody awesome could mention this! :O
  2. I love bacon! I just happen to love cookies more :P
  3. Some of you may know about this but I assume many do not and may find this interesting. Dungeon Defenders wasn't always the colorful toon filled game it is today. Before the days of aquanos and MistyMire, even before the days of the deeperwell there was Dungeon Defense, A prototype built in about 4 weeks time by a band of raggamuffins. Have a look! http://udn.epicgames.com/Three/DungeonDefenseDeveloperBlog.html
  4. You should solve that disappointment by showing us stuff now :D All in due time!
  5. That spongebob video is one of the most awkward videos I have ever seen :B
  6. Kimiko is graphic designer? and makes things look purdy. Kimiko is the office manager/ office administrator. She does tend to make things look purdy when shes around :P
  7. Bioshock and Crysis 3 are probably my most anticipated games of the year!!! Plus anything UE4 that might possibly release :P
  8. Congrats, not an easy thing to do!!
  9. If you look closely through the bubbles lining the map you should see him swimming through the deep background of the level as well :P
  10. LUCKY No snow in florida, EVER :(
  11. I just started a series EV character the other day. Leveling up new characters is probably my favorite part of the game :)
  12. I think superman would win hands down... Goku might stand a chance against him at his strongest but I don't think superman is stupid enough to sit there and watch him go through his power levels to achieve it like everyone does in the DBZ cartoons :P
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