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  1. My favorite memories were building all of the Quest DLC, sky city nearly gave me a heart attack. My favorite memory was giving Tsuda a heart attack. I have a lot of good memories with Dungeon Defenders. Something not many ppl know is that I made a lot of the original Dungeon Defenders maps while I was sitting in class on my laptop, classes that I flunked for some strange reason....
  2. You could always meet a lot of Trendy people at future gaming conventions :)
  3. Yeesss lots of chocolate!!! :d
  4. Things are great :) Although we could use more donuts and cupcakes O.O Although I think that will always be the case...
  5. Oh man I want kobold catapults now :D
  6. I only play a small part in the actual art of the environments at this point, will try and get some artists in on this one :)
  7. One more thing, I hate to be picky. But the cog activation wheel (which looks awesome by the way) is off to the side of the gate, which would mean the player activating it wouldn't be able to see the gate's effect clearly, which in turn would deprive the player from the satisfaction of seeing the orkies impaled from the spikes. By all means be picky it will help improve the game! To note on this specific situation we learned pretty early on to avoid these kinds of trap situations where players aren't viewing the destruction area directly. Sewers01 probably failed in this regard the worst, I can say that because I was the one that failed on that map XD, specifically the gas traps. But yes this isn't something you will see in our future maps, and your illustration is awesome!
  8. I've been wanting to tell you this for a while now: You, sir, are awesome! I love the level design of every map in DD2 so far. Also tell the art team how awesome they are because I can't get enough of their work (seriously, I could stare at pictures of DD2 maps for hours) Thanks!!! And I'll definitely let them know, they will be glad to know people love their work for sure :) Some of the best looking maps have yet to be shown ;)
  9. I'm going to summon EvilMrFrank the lead level designer. What kind of a job does a lead level designer do? *Plays fairy jingle* Hullo! I'm definitely up to answering any questions you guys may have regarding anything more specific but to put it simply my job is for the most part to oversee the creation of our worlds from the very first initial layout to final sign off after art/vfx/audio/optimizations have all had their passes on the level. There is a very strict level of quality we are shooting for in DD2 so a lot of my job comes down to quality control, this is made a lot easier since everyone here is shooting for such a high quality from the start but for my job specifically it can range from large game breaking layout issues to the smallest hang up on the collisions of tiny rocks to small holes that allow players to see out of the world, or even being able to place towers in crazy places (QA is pretty good at this one). Of course QA finds and bugs most of these things, I usually just delegate them out to some degree. All of these things may seem small but its a continuous process of getting bugs in from QA and people fixing them that end up giving the community a better experience :) All of our maps have deadlines and its also part of my job to work directly with all departments to make sure that all of the moving pieces come together in time to meet this deadline or to let the producers know when I mess up because they love hearing that :D Although this would hold true for most departments in the gaming industry, level design is a rather central hub for bringing many of the moving pieces together. We work directly with programming/art/animation/qa/vfx/audio/concepting on an almost daily basis to make sure that all of the pieces come together.
  10. I know I'm 3 days late but happy birthday :D
  11. The ice tower is meant to be a constant firing ice beam. It picks its target and shoots a beam of ice at them until they are either killed or frozen.
  12. There is a lot of synergy currently in not only our towers and players but also how towers are actually interacting with some of the players abilities. It is a big goal for DD2 to push this synergy and you're going to see a lot more of it in the final game for sure :)
  13. A type of leveling up system, more abilities. There will definitely be a leveling up system! As for abilities I can't really speak on those, I will say players will have more than 2 unique towers to use in the final game, it was limited to 2 for comicon for various reasons.
  14. Our offices are no longer dark! The brighter offices do make them much more sexy though.
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