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  1. i doubt it will get changed and i stopped playing because of how ridiculously unfun it is heh . one of my last posts on the forums regarding dd2 updates was "DD3 or bust" . no disrespect but it feels like who ever came up with some of these ideas doesn't really play the game . i cant believe people are not complaining about the " a mythical item has appeared" spam in the chat window lol . i wanted to climb high in onslaught but there is just too many annoying things going on in the game for me to do so . my new addiction is The Long Dark Interloper runs . i have backed DD:A though and i a
  2. if the goal is not met people will get their money back .
  3. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/chromaticgames/dungeon-defenders-awakened i am happy for the new CG team and i know this new team will do this game right. i am truly excited about this and think it is a huge step forward !
  4. people's egos are funny . i had a guy get mad at me once for trying to explain to him that his cannon ball towers was destroying his walls cause of geodes and that u need a pierce mod if you want to use cannons against them .
  5. the drakenfrost update was the straw that broke the camel's back for me . i have been playing since 2015 so i am probably just burned out . i try not to complain since TE got me to play this game for over 3k hours but the stuck mobs and broke pathing has worn on me . every single new map we have got plays horrible in onslaught in my opinion . i think it is odd the christmas tree is still there . i log in to do dailies and grab my present and have received more legendary cosmetic packs than all my floor climbing . i am guessing the fact we are still getting these gifts might be a sign onslaught
  6. i have 2 PDTs , one water the other storm , both have pierce and anti mods. shards are gilded rate , gilded destruction , gilded VE on one and gilded explosive poison on the other. it works in most lanes up to floor 80 cause that's where i am sitting , waiting to see what changes TE makes to the game . i will throw down a few extra defenses in each lane to help the 2 PDTs out . just depends on the lane .
  7. its glacier that never hits anything . i was using rate , range and power on it for a while . like SGT it just doesn't do well in higher onslaught floors . It is pretty sad our air defenses do such a bad job at dealing with air mobs lol.
  8. like beergoggles said floor 30 drops c7 gear . i would do floor 10 get some gear , do floor 20 get some gear and do floor 30 get some gear , bam c7 is unlocked. i upgraded one relic each reset . basically you are back to farming c7 for some gear to get you through the onslaught maps in about 1 hour. the down side is you miss out on these dang ole plain motes
  9. the funny part to me is how silly the actual boss fight is , he is a joke . makes me think back on DD1 where all we had at the time was mistymire as far as a boss fight. finally taking her down in NM so i could play the 30 wave survival mode for good gear was epic. i been playing lots of c1-c3 lately and most players i chat with say they hate the new boss. while i dont mind it in expeditions at all , I find it to be annoying in onslaught most the time . I am pretty much over onslaught just waiting to see what TE comes up with next.
  10. my goal was AP 30 , at 29 i just could not take anymore . i have been jumping into c1-c3 games for plain motes for over 2 weeks now and still have a few armor sets and relics i would like to upgrade. I just want my 999 caps filled at this point . It is fun to actually use the gear i have tinkered and have lots of powerful defenses to choose from. playing the game with other people after the lonely AP grind has been kinda fun too :) If it is not fun i dont do it , I am always trying to mix things up . when resetting got old i climbed floors and when climbing floors got old i did some resets.
  11. once i realized burning strikes makes a joke of the boss i started thinking , what is next? another boss that u need a specific shard / weapon for ? people will have different views on this depending on where you are in the game . i am trying to do resets , i dont want to have to gear up 4 players per reset to fight special bosses . I did beat floor 49 earlier and i failed 4 times. its all about the timing , if he freezes my defenses with a big mob piled up the faster moving enemies break out of CC and kill the core . i really like it when he is flying around on his dragon freezing stuff and
  12. i am not a fan of the map being in onslaught . I have only tried it once last night and it was ridiculous . assassins attacking me every time he froze my towers , i cant imagine running around with a barb trying to light these torches . it feels like i am forced into an incursion with mutators , after failing the second wave twice i just exited the game . edit: feels like you should be playing this map with other people . i can see it being so much easier with just 1 extra person. I will try different strategies but i feel that my resetting is about to stop.
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