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  1. I know I can't be the only person who is very interested and invested in the lore of the Dungeon Defenders universe. I love the new Protean update, but when are we gonna actually learn who the characters really are (Dryad, Mystic, Lava, etc.), who and where is the queen of Dragonfall, where are the hero's parents (If their parents are back home, then why is the Squire's father in Dragonfall?), who and what is that stone construct at the end of The Harbinger fight, and what is the Prince gonna do? They would have to be leaving Dragonfall, because it's literally destroyed, so where will they g
  2. Lol I love how you mention replaying and it taking long. I just finished Floor 65, but on the third map I lost 3 times because a berserker kept running past my tree somehow (never saw it go past) and I always thought I had fixed it, until I just decided to DPS that one lane. I spent more time rebuilding than actually fighting.
  3. Yea, I'm on 65 now and that's what it's been feeling like. The only problems that occur are when I don't pay attention to a mutator, or let a siege roller with the tower leech get to my trees. I feel like it's not meant to be a lot harder, just very time consuming.
  4. I've been working on my onslaught levels recently, and I'm currently at floor 64 (will probably do it today), but I had a question about the floors that are basically your milestones/goals (like floor 65, 92, and 114). Is there a noticeable difficulty increase higher than the previous floor? Another question, Considering floor 55-65 are ranked as Chaos 7, are the floors past 65 even harder. I don't think that they would be, considering we don't have any gear past chaos 7, just wondering.
  5. Thanks! I'll probably end up getting the Dryad since I already have EV.
  6. Does the Gunwitch have a good way to deal with Siege Rollers?
  7. I have, I already have the Adept and the Initiate is no different than the Monk, but the Dryad and The Abyss Lord are the other two. The Dryad seems fun to me, but the Abyss Lord doesn't seem like a lot of fun to play. Other than that, those are the only characters I always get, unless there is a way to choose more people to test.
  8. Well, I still need to do Mastery and from what I've heard, the Dryad is good at that (or maybe it's Onslaught). So many options :/
  9. Okay, so I'm about 1k away from enough DM to buy a new character, but I don't know who to buy. I've been leaning towards the Mystic because of her barricade, but I always seem to see the Dryad's Cloud tower in C7 games. I plan on getting all the characters in time, but right now I would like to know who would best help for C7. I already have EV.
  10. Ok, so I know it wouldn't make sense to bring back Aquanos, but I have a pretty good idea and I just wanna say it. I'm thinking it would still have the same architecture and such from the first game, but basically take the bubble surrounding it and have the ocean dried up/gone. Now I know it would make no sense to just take away an ocean like that, but it I feel it could work, considering some of the DD1 maps have completely changed. It would look older of course, and maybe have the Kraken or part of its body somewhere in the map as an easter egg. When it comes to the portals, they're honestly
  11. Sorry, I kind of gave up on trying and never got back on. If you still read this, I'm positive I've downloaded the update, and if I haven't then I don't see why it wouldn't appear in my Updates tab. Unfortunately, I can't past the title screen, so I haven't gotten to the main menu yet.
  12. Ok so I've been trying to play DD2 for the past few days, but I can't even get past the press A to start screen, because I get hit with a "Unknown Message: 116." I've uninstalled and shut down the XBox, but nothing works. Any ideas?
  13. Ok so I've been trying to play DD2 for the past few days, but I can't even get past the press A to start screen, because I get hit with a "Unknown Message: 116." I've uninstalled and shut down the XBox, but nothing works. Any ideas?
  14. You can place towers, but they'll only stay for about 30 seconds I believe. When that 30 seconds is up, the tower disappears. It'd be easier with multiple people, considering you could put down like five PDTs in one lane, and have other people work on another lane. Biggest problem would be the Assassins.
  15. Moana (Auli'i Cravalho) - How Far I'll Go
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