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  1. Reason - it's no more TD now. It depends very, very heavily on equipment. No surprise when you get kicked if have no 100^ equipment.
  2. For traps huntress affect reset speed. Same thing with Slice-N-Dice - they spin up faster, but to same maximum spin rate. As already mentioned here, guardians tends to try buff defences which doesn't get any benefit from support.
  3. Formula is using the item's basue value, not it's current value. The formula is broken, because upgrade amount is not considered in the price. A item: 100 overall stat, 1/1 B item: 70 overall stat, 1/50 upgrade A item sells for more.You still have to invest many millions of mana into B to just make it same stats with A, and invest future many milliones tto make it better. In fact, now many players avoid investing until get perfect item because it's too expensive to waste such tons of mana into junk.
  4. at the low levels you really do not need to upgrade. you'll replace it come alchemical labs.If you play in pure strategy style. If you want to use character in batttle - you have to upgrade.
  5. Hero: +299 total max Items: can be summary over 200+ per every item It makes hero build matter only for newbies on low levels, for high levels it's all about equipment. Looks wrong for me.
  6. One more thing: it becomes much harder with more players in. But with it's design only one player can work in one time. This one is one of most difficult challenges - lack of equippment can't be comphensated by skill or teamwork.
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