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  1. Omg thank you it was the firewall you are awesome I didn't even think of the dang thing lol thanks again
  2. So this is the 3rd thread I'm writing I still have not been able to play for 2 weeks when I downloaded the game. Everytime i'm at the main menu and try to go to campaign,town,tavern,and even tutorial it's says matchmaking error request has timed out.also keep in mind this is still happening even after the most recent patch and all my other games I own work just fine and I'm also hooked up straight through ethernet cable. I haven't even played one match of the game yet since xbox launch. Gamer tag on xbox is Noeazy007. I can't get anymore specific with the issue then what I stated and would really appreciate some actual insight on what's going on not just speculation. Please a dev or someone who can fix it reply and thank you. And changing region DOESN'T HELP
  3. At the main menu when I'm trying to go to campaign,tavern,and town when I pick one of them it says connecting then after a while it says connection timed out
  4. So still I have yet to play on Xbox it's still saying matchmaking error request has timed out when I do try to play and I downloaded this last week and haven't been able to play but others on Xbox can play now I'm a fan of the first DD. I don't have this issue on no other games I own. It's like Nobody knows why this is happening to certain people but others can play. they have yet to even respond to my ticket I put in a week ago. Keep in mind this is still happening after the patch. I like DD and I really wanna play like ughhh.
  5. So I downloaded the game 2 days ago and it still won't let me in to campaign,tavern,tutorial, and town it keeps saying matchmaking error request timed out does anyone know what's going on I really wanna play. Other people on Xbox get to play its very frustrating .
  6. Just downloaded game yesterday on Xbox one and every time I try to go into anything it keeps telling me matchmaking error request timed out does anyone know what's going on
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