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  1. I had/have the same problem. It doesn't automatically go to the join option when choosing a game to join, after choosing the game you have to manually scroll down through the other games until you get to the join option
  2. This is probably my last post. With the news about dd2 not coming to consoles I am done waiting for trendy to try and make it up somehow to us console players. The core game was fun even after the decision of not bringing the other heroes to console players, although it would have made the game have more replayability and "building" or coming up with strategies on the maps. I thank trendy at the very least for supporting community events where we could get some really nice weapons, pets and armor even if for a short time(IMO). I`d also like to thank Dredd, Warpedreality, K1ng Doom, Unholy and
  3. free gold week starting 8th march. Thank me later Thx for the info, Ill be lloking forward to it!
  4. I won't speak for anyone else, but I'm happy to help you with 78 req armor if I have anything that would help you. PM me or message GT MoriartyLives If I'd known a corruption was the reason for your absence from the forums, I'd have offered some help long ago. :( Thanks man, but other issue is Im not gold anymore and dont know when Im getting it again. I really appreciate your trying to help though! (=
  5. I feel your pain xFunz, I got corrupted on last November but since then I havent had gold anymore so Ive had to play by myself to try and get some good armor and weapons for my characters. It isnt as easy as when the max level was only 78 as at least the armor wasnt so randomn as to get 30 upgrades requiring you to be lvl 90. I almost dont play anymore as Ive barely managed to get one decent set of lvl 78 tower armor, when I used to have 3 great sets and lots of good 83/90 armor pieces.
  6. whats difficulty are lava beetles on? never heard of them, do they shoot through walls aswell? You can get them on med and hard difficulty clearing glitter with the huntress.
  7. I'm pretty sure you don't have to input any credit card information to create a Steam profile. They only ask you for it when you are buying anything. Although some Sharken go for the corner blockades, it's still better than having most or all of them charge at them and move your defenses around. Thank you for the info miss laura, Ill try creating an account and my build on the DDplanner.
  8. I've played around a bit with the corner blockades too, but had mixed results. Did you find that all of the sharks gravitate to the corners, or just some of them? The gas/proxy/blockade combos i use after the main chokes work very well for me, but I'm constantly tweaking my builds and I might need to incorporate this for an Aquanos+ set up. Including strength drain auras for this particular Insane build seems like overkill to me... The ogres are so slow and stupid it's easy to take them out quickly without wasting the additional DU's. My blockades are pretty strong (15k) and i've never had
  9. and no, Ive done like 10 runs for donkeys only and highest ^ was 39 =P
  10. I know itd be a lot easier for us if all our characters were level 90s like yours. xD
  11. I use a very similar build, but I make it a bit more effective by placing the blockades in "strategic points" (mostly around corners) so the sharken dont charge at the blockades and move them around too much. I also use strength auras instead of some additional traps in your build.
  12. I remember when we still didnt have the first upgrade/patch a friend and I did a couple of runs with my friends friend to help him get a decent soul focuser and said person got the ultimate soul focuser for that time: 27ups, 40 base dmg, 7 reload spd, and like 60 ammo. We told him to upgrade it all into attack, he hesitated for a bit but went ahead and took our advice. when he finished and went to shoot at the tavern dummy he said it wasnt doing much damage. Can you guys guess why...? He put all 27 ups into HERO attack, instead of base damage(weapon attack, which we had told him). I was so ann
  13. Personally, I find the killing genie king with certain elemental weapons and not having him move around more an exploit than the one the OP is talking about though its a first time for me hearing about it. and no one has closed any of the other exploit threads.
  14. lol, i've never actually seen anyone use a blasticus for towers If you ever get a save corruption and dont have gold so friends can help/donate stuff thats probably what you would use while trying to get a decent tower shai hulud.
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