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  1. Thanks any way but its sorted now,there is some very helpull people on this forum,i take my hat off too them.With out them i could of made some rash descisions.
  2. Yea i will,onl problem now is telling myself its bed time,lol xD
  3. Thanks ArcAngel and anime you guys are stars,Yes i found them!!!I had pulled them out of my hero stack.
  4. Thanks hardend defender i will give it a go now.Here's hoping they are there
  5. Yes it was all done accidently through been stupid and clueless,no other way off putting it.
  6. I dont see a option to view all my cards,watched a tuturial to see if there was.But i think its a video fom pc.I have sent a request for lost data to them with a brief discription.An also memtioned about my thread on this forum.Thanks for yor help 8)
  7. Im hopeing that i get a response from the dev team who made dungeon defenders two,please dont misunderstand me i truly love your game.Your hard work and commitment really shines through with in the game,i recently down loaded the free to play version on ps4 last week end ,and have been playing it solid every day for numerous hours at a time around 12/14 hours a day.I have spent around 35 pounds on the game so far on characters and costumes and an extra character card,wich shows how much i have been enjoying the game.How ever this brings me too my dilema,i had four diffrent characters and had t
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