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  1. as title says. i get almost no relic drops at all on gunwitch. i noticed if i hot swap to a different hero on a boss fight i might get an relic but none if i dont. i thought this was fixed
  2. Pretty much this to me. Maybe a little more transparency to them? It looks awesome though, great work! As far as the 19 phrases... Maybe consider having phrase-less transition slides for every other one? I think the spacing might be nice (of course, I could be entirely wrong lol) and then you wouldn't need as many phrases. yea i was thinking half the phrases mightbe better too.
  3. i know, but at 2 hrs to process lol ill fix when all edits are in
  4. yea once done i will but every image is a result of google search for dd2 wallpaper i think atleast 76% are official i just added paralax and 3d look.
  5. no flames plz. but making this for a streamer friend it was made using 19 different wallpapers of dd2. gonna add the logo into the 19th scene once i create one. but not sure i want to give it to this person due to they are not as dedicated to the game as someone, like say @MrJuicebags. and might offer it to him lol. but i digress, the reason im writing this is to ask for help on the script.i need 19 phrases, 1 for each scene eg 1. welcome to the stream. 2. join chat ect. heres the demo. if i need to i can cut out phrases if 19 is too much.
  6. thank you for a speedy reply. ill just work with whai i have
  7. is there a fankit or asset kit with pngs and pictures i can download? ive been helping a friend with his twitch page and finding decent pngs have been troubling. thanks in advance for any replies.
  8. is there a guide that shows what actual progression is? like 1500-1600 armor for chaos 3 then move on. ect. i solo 3 and upgrades are small like 2-3 armor, but in c4 no upgrades at all. ive tried upgrading gear to max but ill get an upgrade then 3 runs nothing. and as far as muling goes i just equip best in slot on my main as they drop. please help
  9. yea it said invalid characters ill try again If it still doesn't work, send me a PM, and I'll help you out. im sorry to bug you, did you forget me? lol
  10. yea it said invalid characters ill try again If it still doesn't work, send me a PM, and I'll help you out. no go pm sent
  11. yea it said invalid characters ill try again
  12. as title says, i signed up got my code but it doesnt work. ive tried caps, lowercase. switching numbers that look like letters 0-O. ect can i get some help?
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