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  1. They also put the game on bata so every body can find bugs so they can fix them
  2. The devs should add a trading system it would make the game better when you are trying to get somthing but you cant seem to get it.
  3. The game is new so it is 100% there are gona be some bugs so just have patient and wait for an update my friend
  4. You get labeled a monster for letting a baby die for the sake of your curiosity... But in all seriousness though, I'm almost 100% positive that they now give the same evolution materials that the boxes do. Not really any reason to do it though, so just sell them. It's just kinda a left over mechanic from the long forgotten days of shellium shards. Dead
  5. They should be working on a patch that would help all of the server traffic soon
  6. The server traffic is the number one thing they are going to fix
  7. Probably not there may be somthing like were you can signal sombody to go somewhere or emotions were you can wave and high five that would be fine
  8. Every body is trying to make private taverns and creating private games and it takes up room and only a certain amount of lobbys can be up at a time
  9. 100% at one point the game would be great to play and would be easy to get into a game right now its just packed with people trying to play the game its a new game and with most new games they would be packed and its also a free game and some people dont like spending money on games
  10. Yea the game devs didnt expected the massive rush of every body geting the game and making private taverns and private games and it takes up to much space becuse only a certain amount of lobbys can be up at a time.
  11. What you should do with games that just been released is wait a month or two before you put your money into it becuse the game would be updated and it would run better.
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