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  1. Is Mana bomb the right click App skill? if not how do they clear it in 6 seconds if there's a 3s Cooldown O.o Mana bomb is the second hero ability... 60 second cool down. But at high stats both it and purity bomb get huge range... and wow... never though of trying it on assault heh. With the timer reductions though there is no way i'm going to be able to do it solo so time to get a friend geared up I guess.
  2. How do you consider your damage plus your 36k hp on an Assault map to be "low" stats? The 36k is low.... This is a countess. YOu check the stats at the end... that 36k is only 506 hero HP stat. Though I guess Mid stats would be a better description, it's not ultra endgame stats. The part of the stats that actually gets me the most is the 85% phys resists. Though I know that isn;t that hard to get and am currently working on it now. just gotta upgrade your armors alot >< but don't need 2k hero attack stat and 1k hero health stat... The sword is pretty high though, gotta full
  3. I would still like to know why I'm seeing epic items on Nightmare mode. I thought Nightmare on Deeper Well was to start with gear that was better than the last wave of Insane GH. ie http://forums.trendyent.com/showthread.php?34888-quot-Wave-1-Deeper-Well-Nightmare-Loot-pretty-much-equivalent-to-Wave-14-Insane-Glitter-quot& Heh I keep a couple armor peices in my tavern that I can;t fully upgrade. 54 upgrades and only physical resist stat... so it got to upgrade 27/54 and phys resist is capped at 23% let you put mana in for the next level and doesn't go anywhere. Of course the same wa
  4. Oh... go figure... I die on spires lol. On the other hand... I can own ramparts... I power level my other characters in NM HC ramparts and now 95% of the time my second character sitting afk on the gamepad next to me doesn't die. even if it's level 0! heh. And I average 14-35 mil a run. Depends on the drops. the 35 mil run or close I get like every chest dropping a 1/1 item that's worth 2-3 mil each.... Don't find anything to keep for myself on those ones >< If you want me to try to teach you the ramparts feel free to add me steam profile page here http://steamcommunity.com/pro
  5. Simple solution for this then: MAC Bans. More effective then an IP Ban because it ONLY effects the one NIC (or if the account has logged in from more then one unique MAC address, multiple NICs). Yeah a better solution, but my then question would be exactly how easy is it to implement. Though for this game If we did do MAC/IP bans... I would suggest doing ti temporary of lets say 1-2 months. If they show up for a week then get rebanned put it 3-4 months and then honestly after that... they will have probably lost interest in the game so the IP address disappearing from the records won't
  6. Did the barb get hurt? and can the barb hurt back heh?
  7. Um, just personal experience there is no difference between types.. Ok true pristine has higher level reqs as it has a chance to drop higher stats, but as long as you get a set it's whatever you can find. (And I think with mythical there might not be a difference between the types except whats needed for set bonus.
  8. Eh... damage ramp nerf.... no wonder I didn't notice a huge difference... only have like 600 tower attack and 300-400 in the other tower stats.... The app guardian boost nerf kind of sucks.... but I can understand it... with this nerf any tower that deals with shots per seconds will get basically the same benefit with a huntress guardian as an App guardian.
  9. Um, they aren't fully separate... you can at the main screen of the forge... deposit the mana into there... but yeah It can be annoying
  10. nightare is supposed to be hard.... if you can AFK it at all... it's too easy. With app's... you could pretty much AFK it... Lets wait a week and see how it goes.
  11. The items aren't lost, they are dropped back into the main folder. If you have 2 subfolders insside of a folder, only the first subfolder gets dropped back into the main folder... that being said... if you make folders, the subfolders will show up again inside one of the new folders you make... little buggy but eh. That being said... the barb weapon thing is annoying yes... suggestion... make sure your better weapon is the second one... you need to grab a new weapon... then you'll replace your weaker one... annoying yes... but not much can be done with how it's setup.... Barbs have an
  12. Um If you jumped the gun and brought it like this... your best bet is to contact steam directly about this... As steam should have told you that you already owned the DLC from the pack. That being said they might not refund you... but they'll fix the issue and hopefully give you the pack as a gift maybe for you to pass to someone else?
  13. If you remake the folders with the same names you'll find your items are still in there..... Yeah.... weird. Ok other changes needed with the folder system... The delete folders need to not be a one click thing.... accidentally move the mouse... and poof folders are gone.... oh great.... This is a pain to go through again. Defenderstore does not pull items out of folders for the shops... Found this out when trying to buy something from someone. Other then that... Haven't had a chance to check out much yet. I'll post some things back.... But I found those issues in 10 minutes...
  14. Yeah thats true.. Veryfing the cache resets settings also, not sure if it does it for keybindings though. Yep is does.... I ind this out every time i reverify and my remote activate crystal goes from my ; back to my g key... changed it from g so if typing to someone I won't accidentally hit in ingame if i didn't hit tab
  15. lol For you to stay on ranked trendy net your connection to steam ahs to be perfect... and as steam decided to do maintenance... hopefully they'll actually finish fixing all the issues that started around christmas) we all got kicked ....
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