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  1. Got excited for new content only to see it's ***. Guess i'll check back in a year or so.
  2. I've never heard of anyone complaining about an issue like that. It's kind of funny.
  3. I think it's safe to assume no one on the c7 tier would delete their character by mistake..? Or if it did happen then stating the obviously is also pointless. So poster probably doesn't have access to c7 or something. Why not try to helpful instead, little hat? What system you play on baphomety?
  4. I've been meeting an awful lot of these "types" lately. I enjoy helping peoples out and stuff, but when i meet carry me gamers i just have a hard time dealing i guess? Whenever i meet carry me gamers, i inform them that a c1 guy begging to be carried through c7 is pointless/a waste of time. Mainly their response is they want xp, i inform them basically how meaningless xp is. If they talk about gear i inform them how gear progression works and judging by their response it usually doesn't go through as intended. A lot are extremely rude, and very very aggressive for no reason. So, i'm struggl
  5. It's a sorry update that's for sure. I was just too lazy to address the issues. In such a professional manner as well, nice. Anyways gg, hope trendy see's this. Or the numerous other posts about what a crap update this was. There's more, but this is a good sum.
  6. Surely if you have the time to go through the effort of typing your post, and saving/uploading your picture you have what takes a maybe minute and a half it takes to go through the four categories and see if there is anything. Just judging by the title there's three posts that indicate the same problem. You posted at 4:41Am, again at six, and again at noon. So really, don't tell me you didn't have the time.
  7. Negotiations are weird. A little late, hows the grind? Surely after like two weeks your c7 now?
  8. Naw i feel ya man. I almost never play solo. I just hop on and help people or hop on to afk pub games (i always ask if reasonably level people want to build because i know it's boring af for others) I literally played c1to max c7 solo so i get it. I'm just sayin man for whatever the majority of people on the game, even across consoles are either noobs, or leechers. So you're going to get that kind of stuff A LOT if you choose pubs, i rarely meet other high level players and also rarely meet people who know how to build/know gear progression/that sort of thing. It sucks but, it's how it is du
  9. Well, supposedly now asc requirement stays. Haven't tried it myself but it's not worth complaining about on forums if you haven't tried it either. It is pretty sad though. I'm pretty sure i was way past c7 when i got to 200 so it kills me a little when i see people in their triple digits stuck on c2-3. But they're to blame i guess so whatever. Anyways don't play public if you want to avoid it. Or try the asc min setting first.
  10. Can anyone share their info about what's actually in the incursion worth farming for? I'm trying to find the courage to try and play for a bit today, because i heard there is all kinds of goodies in the incursion but i can not find any info anywhere regarding what that would be. I've heard people talking about some nice shard ( a few posts on reddit said it's a shard pack that drops some times????) , a sword, a pet even? Only things i can find are from threads on random sites from a last month (Last month? How long has the incursion been out?) and i only played it the once to beat it and s
  11. There's like five other different threads about this. It's just one of the many things their update broke.
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