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  1. What's your IGN? I couldn't get on yesterday :(
  2. I haven't tried that game mechanic as getting on has been difficult. I usually just get right to it. I'm 50 on the base characters.
  3. This may not happen until the servers are fixed, but, I would like to run with some people who know what they're doing or want to learn how to play. I am a veteran DD1 player. It's frustrating to have people pop into my game, start it before I'm done building or repairing, and never repair a tower. I know Trendy says make private games, but I'm just happy to get in. I'm east coast time and typically can play after 6 for a couple hours and on weekends. Message me in game if you're interested. Same name as on here.
  4. Ya, I have a successful build to farm it. Message me on xbox. Same name as on here. If I can get in game, I can help.
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