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  1. I’ve recently returned to DD2 on Xbox after quite a while and because I have a new Xbox profile I got a total reset and started the game from the beginning. When it comes to campaign I was disappointed as I’m fairly certain that it didn’t end with Betsy before. It used to go through all maps and end with harbinger. I think an extended campaign with all maps was a better idea. One thing that amazed me after hitting chaos 1 was the Drakenlord. A boss that walks through everything and one shots heroes, first thought is that he’s overpowered, next thought is that it’s a great way to
  2. The cyborc could be better if the emp was a melee attack instead of the ranged ball.
  3. If it isn't fun then why did you play it to that point? The lost progress is definitely annoying but the mode is all about paying attention to lanes. I fear that as a community there is an ovrreliance on flame auras. It's clever to have a cyborc boss appear like that. It isn't fun when the mutators seem unfair and you know you're fighting a losing battle.
  4. I'm just glad the writing size is changing. This was a complaint that I've had and now it's getting sorted. I won't make judgements about ancient power until I have it but Trendy you are being good to us.
  5. Now I want a shard for that.
  6. Is there any specific shard build to make them really good. I considered fortification, vampiric empowerment and press your luck for the dummy but I can't tell if press your luck breaks the crit chance cap.
  7. Characters that have two walls have one defence that seems pointless. Squire training dummy and AL colossus. Why aren't there more useful defences in their places? Colossus should be good at the du cost but I've used same empty relic for it and skeleton Orc and the Orc lived longest. This could be to do with luck or size and I accept that. Someone tell me how to use squires dummy and colossus in an effective way.
  8. I honestly think there is someone in trendy who leading the development is mole from a competitor, Any idea which one? The way information was given it looked like endless survival before release.
  9. I think it's a reward for each campaign stage: first five levels, sewer levels, Betsy story section and so on, not each map. I have six too, I think the number is standard for everyone.
  10. All it would take is an ingame survey given by gran master to explain and ask about trendy's ideas which would gain more feedback than just the forum. And a reward of flakes, gold, gems or defender medals would motivate people.
  11. You need the options for some of the Monster/Affix combos. The variety is essential. Ok, makes sense. You could just make it more of a challenge by having adequate but not ideal equipment.
  12. For all f you that have many characters don't worry about gearing all 2bn of them, just pick the four that you want to use in that playthrough and gear them. Next playthrough pick a different four and most grind hours were collecting shard so, you still have them.
  13. I'm on Xbox with a big TV. The enemy variety and mutators seem interesting but I can't plan for them because of writing size. I hope you can find a fix because this is putting me off the mode. Thanks for replying.
  14. That is awesome news ... no more tedious work (comparing items on sell value) ... we have more time for fun. I don't know for certain but it looks that way.
  15. This was annoying, the lanes had modifiers on but the writing was so small I couldn't tell what they were. All writing has gotten smaller since the update but this is the only major problem.
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