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  1. Does this shard still exist in the loot pool for Chaos VI? I believe the wiki has that information and yet I've done enough C6 runs in the last 3 days to go through about 50ish shards and have yet to see it drop once. I have every shard from the C6 pool except Enhanced Poison. Am I just really unlucky?
  2. Agree with pretty much all of this. I enjoyed the game a lot more in Alpha.. It feels so unenjoyable.. repetitive.. and pointless now. Get good equips, spend all your money to upgrade, sell for 10g and replace it next wave. Grind yourself to death for shards. Do all of this work to make it to end game for there to be absolutely nothing to enjoy. I want to be able to choose maps, choose difficulty for incursions, use all the different playstyles without being punished for liking a certain tower. Make us come up with strategy, not find the one setup that works for every map in that Chaos tier an
  3. Also the genius who decided things like lock on one side should be the same controls as "delete character" on the other should be fired. It's poor thinking like this that really ruins games. I've made several suggestion threads about this but they haven't gotten much attention. I have almost deleted my character so many times for this exact thing... I honestly don't know what they were thinking. They could have made "Delete Character" some totally unused combo of buttons like L3+R3 or similar. Crazy awful.
  4. Never used Rockman because his entire build seems subpar. I feel he needs more balance as a character.
  5. Poison Dart tower was super nerf'd and is not nearly as good anymore, much less being considered the best tower. It's barely viable without having stats above the tier you're in. DoT is absolute crap now and having base projectile damage increase does not even touch the loss of damage from poison DoT nerf. If you want the best, use a Flamethrower or Ramster or Hornet or Slime or something else instead.
  6. It is pretty easy but I also agree. It's like the only (or one of very few) map that does this in trials? Really annoying to have to finish the setup after the first wave.
  7. When it gets easy, move on. General rule for me. Stick around until the tier is a joke and then I move on. (Unless there's a super awesome shard that I haven't gotten yet)
  8. Spend them on whatever you want. I was originally responding to the person who said buying shard packs is a waste of DMs. I'm just saying something that is useful is not a waste compared to stuff that is just cosmetic. Getting the right shards is more important than heroes, upgrading items, cosmetics, and pets combined. It is easier to get to and beat C7 with the original 4 heroes as long as you have all the shards you need than to buy all the heroes and not have the right shards. If there are shards that someone needs that they are lacking then buying Shard Packs is probably the best way sp
  9. I like Fortification (Wall health increase), Shielding Guard (Chance to gain a shield), and Sharpened Spikes (Enemies hit near wall get stunned). Though I mainly run Fortification, Shielding Guard, and Deadly Strikes (increased range) because I'm using Dryad trees. Ps. Sorry if shard names are wrong, I'm awful with names.
  10. Female Monk? Why would you not?? Pretty sure Monk is better at DPS, but otherwise there's not a huge difference that I've noticed. If you don't run that class as DPS class, there's not a huge loss. (I'd rather play cute girl instead of Aang, thanks) Realistically speaking, I use both of them for building. One for auras and one for DPS / Skyguard.
  11. It's weird that they don't have a dps per node thing.
  12. well that's why I would want the character to spawn in next to your character and use the ability and then disappear Ahhhh. Sorry, I misread that. That, I could see being kinda interesting. Though I'm not sure how they'd implement it. I think if they let you replace any ability with any other ability, people would find a way to abuse it. With some kind of limitation (not sure what, maybe a cooldown in combat phase) , I could see that being an interesting mechanic to add in.
  13. I dunno.. I like the idea of different characters with different abilities. Something like this seems.. really out of place for DD. Like..someone using EV's abilities as a Dryad? Super weird. Though having a character specifically dedicated to mocking the abilities of other characters would be interesting. (Reminds me of the Jester from DD1) Just my opinion though.
  14. All of the characters - No. Initiate is a waste of DMs. Shard Packs are more useful than the Initiate.Pets - I got them when they were monthly mission rewards. Now that I think of it, I don't even use pet abilities any more. Until pets are reworked for the Chaos era, they're nothing more than cosmetic items & a very minor stat stick. Shard Packs are more useful.Lockbox items - Now we're really talking about a waste of DMs.Max Shards - The overwhelming majority of shards are useless. You only need a few shards maxed. I have maxed out all the shards I need with Gold alone and still have over
  15. I get several eggs every game of Chaos that I play.. and have pretty much every pet that can drop from a regular egg at this point. Incursions seem to drop ONLY pet items, but I doubt they're really efficient. If you're not already C7, I'd say to just keep moving forward and working towards shards and gear and you'll get plenty of eggs. Otherwise, I'm not sure of a super reliable egg farming method.
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