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  1. It don't show the stacks but you still get the boost. The counter is broken it seems like.
  2. Is there a way to disable the item display? It's frustrating when you are moving around swapping guys and that screen pops up covering most of what you want to see. I was just wondering if there was a toggle, if there is I haven't found it. I get it while your in your bags you want to see what you have. On the character side though I wish you could disable it or hold down a button to bring it up or something.
  3. If possible try ballista from the squire. You get a little more punch because of the pierce. Also frost tower will slow stuff down and they don't disable that. Or even make that lane a little weaker and you make up the difference. A hero in a lane makes a huge difference.
  4. Has anyone heard anything about the crashing when loading new maps on onslaught in multiplayer? It said they fixed one of the bugs that was causing it. There must be more, usually 3rd map when loading the lost temple. Anyone else still having the same thing? It's frustrating, takes forever to get to the end of a floor to have to restart because of it.
  5. Has anyone heard if there will be an update today?
  6. This is happening in trials too. We figured that we would just wait to do onslaught until the patch came out. Surprised to see that it hit there too. So I'm figuring it'll get fixed pretty quick.
  7. Yeah, thanks for the reply ice. The bug I was talking about is the one where you get booted loading to the next map during onslaught. I believe I read it is to be crushed out of the way in an upcoming patch.
  8. Cool thanks for the info everyone. Once they get that patch in we should be able to move through a few floors. Crash in between maps still, they are fixing that. Then I'd say everyone will be off to the races.
  9. I know it don't matter in the grand scheme of things, but it does to her. She has been waiting for her name to pop for a couple days now from onslaught so it's just been eating at her. She could really care less about anyone else she just wants it to show her above me I'm pretty sure lol.
  10. My wife and I have gotten to floor 57 in onslaught. We checked the leaderboards, but are not on it. She's wondering why her name is not on any of the leaderboards and my name is on several even though we play as a team. She's super competitive and it's driving her crazy, which in turn is driving me crazy. How does it work? Is it based off the group leader? There is no way she hasn't hit at least one leaderboard somewhere. Any information to help calm her down would be awesome. We are on PS4.
  11. If your looking for folks to play orgrind with shoot me a message. We are on most evenings during the week. I feel ya on the frustration, I'm not a fan of the lose a map restart mechanic at all. It hurts us because we get a few hours to play here and there, so we are sitting back hoping for some kind of compromise. Psn Ensanemagic
  12. Yeah, ps4. I know our updates are usually nearly a full reinstall. 20g is what I'm expecting for us based on the computer updated specs.
  13. Anyone have any idea of the size we are going to download? The requirements are 20g. Usually ours are pretty hefty, just wondering if it's going to take a bit to download.
  14. Hey guys, I was wondering if anyone has heard any whispers about more cosmetics coming out with the new update. I know dread skins have been teased, just wondering about any of the other classes. The wife has a pile of gems that are burning a hole in her pocket and I'm trying to make her hold off until the update.
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