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  1. Anyone else have this happen when comparing items? Gets annoying when you can't see what you're comparing it to. http://imgur.com/a/0afUy
  2. Recently this week I have been getting FPS drops when turning and moving in general. This didn't start happening until Tuesday and is almost unplayable not matter what graphic settings I have. I run all other games on my PC at high to max so not sure what happened to make this game so unstable and unplayable. Would love some help on this.
  3. What's even worse is when you get in play a match then get hit with infinite loading so you have to restart and get hit with the "High Traffic" error again
  4. So every time I finish 1-2 matches I get hit with infinite loading no matter where I choose to go any reason for this? Because I end up having to close the game and then get hit with Error: 2002 constantly.
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