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  1. Just FYI, tested a base damage 1000 ogre party hat with 148^. I had to invest 284 million to get it to 200 million. All my ogre party hats that I had invested in that were 200 mill are now all worth 160 million. I have lost billions because of this patch. I think I'm probably through with this game.
  2. Is the spider queen still soloable with an app after the nerf to app towers? Anyone tried it? Does the basic set up described in op still work?
  3. When I just loaded dungeon defenders Steam started dating something on the game. Did they fix something from the new patch already? I don't see anything new under "News" in the steam browser. Edit; woops wrong thread. but still anyone know what it's updating?
  4. Lots of great posts in this thread. I hope they listen.
  5. Another way (for people that don't have controllers) that I have been using extensively lately is a macro recorder. Just google free macro recorder and there are multiple programs that you can use, although most are only trial versions. Jitbit's is the one I'm using now and the trial has yet to run out. All you have to do is record the mouse clicks you want repeated, stop the recording, then hit the play button. Pretty simple to use. I really do hope trendy makes a multi-upgrade option available sooner rather than later. But for now, macro recorders are the way to go.
  6. Kandar on your cubicle map you say to setup all auras and one MM at each choke in first round. How on earth do you prevent the monsters that can walk through aura from hitting crystal? It's not working for me without the walls first. Are you putting up auras first, then your MM or are you putting up walls and MM and auras in first wave?
  7. Okay, I stand corrected. I definitely have an internet connection but I am NOT connecting to Steam. Hmmmm. Never had this problem before.
  8. Is Trendy online? I'm having a weird issue. I'm obviously connected to the internet. Steam connects fine, but I can't play online with trendy. Am I the only one having this problem right now?
  9. I see you say over and over again on this forum how easy the mobile version is and how people should "rethink their setup" and "get better gear". You post a lot but you are not helpful AT ALL. You never offer a map setup or tell people where to get "better gear." So to prove you are not a troll and are indeed someone we should all listen to in regard to this game, I want you to do something very simple that could be helpful to the rest of the DD mobile community. I want to see YOUR setups for insane difficulty maps. I also want to see screen shots of YOUR "better gear" and your characte
  10. This level epitomizes what is wrong with the mobile version and why I only play on PC now. I've beaten it on easy but only with two level 80 chars (huntress, app) with all godly gear and it was absolutely by the skin of my teeth. I'm not a bad player at all. I have the best of the best on PC version. The mobile version is completely screwed up in terms of defense vs. mob strength. The only way "better gear" is going to help you on mobile is to use hacked gear, which is pretty easy to do actually. I just have zero desire to cheat in order to beat a game.
  11. I've had it with this game! We've got no patch, we've got no barbarian, our pets heads are falling off...
  12. Yeah, that was mean. I'm guessing we don't know exactly what time the patch will be released today? I'm dying to upgrade my Nosferatu.
  13. I just beat it by the skin of my teeth using the duo afk set up on the last wave only. I solo'd all prior waves until the last. I tweaked Kandar's set up because I was having all sorts of trouble with the west wall on the east crystal. I used a set up like used in misty with the overlapping fireballs and lightning tower in the middle. http://html5.cubicleninja.com/dd/index.htm?layout=15619
  14. I'm getting close with Kandar's setup doing this duo (solo plus an afk monk on east crystal with huntress guardian). I think if I upgrade those walls a bit more for the last wave I would beat this. The ONLY reason I want my monk in there is for the nosferatu.
  15. visions, it has been my experience that if I use my dps char in nm instead of my builder I have more troubles because of the hit you take on towers (i think I've 33% decrease in effectiveness, but I can't remember exactly). Have you tried leaving your app in the game with the genie and then switch to like an app guard after everything is upgraded? Im about to try this map tonight. I'll let you know how it goes. Our stats are similar.
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