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  1. yea was just meaning in general no matter the character of how to see the buff b/c now maps give buff icons as well
  2. Is there a way to highlight them to see what they actually do?
  3. I think it's the mystics shied *Viper's Fangs* crashing it
  4. That's what I thought as well that it was one of the new towers from Lavamancer or mystic. So I tried builds that didn't use any of their towers and same thing happens. I doing some recordings now to upload with bug reports so maybe that'll help them figure out what's going on
  5. Or does anyone else have a problem with catacombs? Whenever I try to play it the entire map crashes *not just me but all 4 players* and it's at random. Can be end of wave one or start of wave 7 or anywhere in between the mechanics just freeze and you see monsters walking off the map then we all get kicked to start screen.
  6. yea... they say Only 9890 left sooo better rush b4 they run out =P I just noticed it's still going by my old name -.- is there a way to change it to my current profile name or no? talk about off topic =P
  7. Referral code when registering *options of steam, email or facebook* NkoQrMfVONI4LY(Gives us both 5 points) Pet https://na.alienwarearena.com/ucf/show/139148 You'll need level 3 (50 points) Uploading a profile pic (20 points) and entering referral code (5 points) on registering boosts to level 2 then see 3rd link for how to boost to level 3 Points do not come instantly and profile pic upload will need to be approved by staff which could take up to a day. Your profile https://na.alienwarearena.com/account/me/profile Will have referal code at bottom to create dummy accounts or send out
  8. The only thing I've found a use for it is, when I create a game and I'm the only one there to G the warm up when people join after it still assigns all the mana to me so I guess their "fix" to the open to public if you're quick enough.
  9. so can anyone say how the scaling is suppose to work ie patch notes or is this a bug and that's why solo is having such a hard time?
  10. way back when b4 i took a break due to certain rage quit issues with stat changes lol it was number of mobs and health of mobs that would increase per player and now have tested a few times it's the same why i was asking i hope it's a bug and that's why we solo players are having such a hard time =(
  11. This was on nm4 that I've been seeing this. So maybe this is why trying to solo nm4 is so #### impossible b/c we are trying to solo the equivalent of 4 players since it's the same mob count and hp in solo or 4 player.
  12. So I thought if I remember right that mob counts would scale based on players. But looking at just gates or betsy I've noticed at least on wave one haven't tried going to more waves was just testing the first numbers that if solo or 4 players it's the same number of mobs reguardless. Have I missed something recently in a patch where it's suppose to be like this whether solo or 4 players or is this a bug? Oh mobs have same health as well
  13. Is there somewhere on the internet that I can find a list of all passives that can be on gear and the % range and don't say wiki -.- lol
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