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  1. Thank you! I thought the cog indicated a new currency you got for breaking down gear and I couldn't find anything online about it. Also I didn't know that player vending was now a thing. I'll definitely do as you suggest and look into what reasonable prices for gear are before I do any selling.
  2. When I inspect a piece of gear, there is a cog wheel icon in the bottom right. What is that for? Also is there anything we can do with unwanted gear besides selling it? I'm returning after more than a year and I have a lot of legendary/mythic stuff that I don't want to just sell if they can now be dismantled for crafting mats.
  3. I'm very much looking forward to this game! Feel free to send me a friend request (anyone) if you want a new friend to play with when it launches! I preorderd this right after I saw the trailer at E3! Looks like a lot of fun! Edit: my PSN ID: foreverzero97 (that would help...)
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