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  1. lol I bet there might be some DD2 players who might want to see you fully embrace the naturalist lifestyle... O.o As for the subject at hand, the developers have full co trol over what goes in and what doesn't go in. Even if their decisions are not always consistent, it's still their game. They take our suggestions into consideration and then decide yes or no. Just like what SpecialK said, they read all of the forum posts. So, they know what we are saying, though they don't always comment (obviously). If I were to see a game that said "Satan FTW" I'd be a little creeped out and move along to another game title.... that said, I might be contradicting myself as I have been known to setup EV2 PB in a star formation with a WM node in the middle or a boost aura in the middle. When some ppl have joined my games when doing that, they get freaked out and leave, which is fine. So.... I guess what I am saying is I think we all contradict ourselves from time to time. Also saying the devs have the final say in what they allow and don't allow since... it IS their game. Again, if I saw "Satan FTW, I would not go and complain about it, I'd just either make my own game or choose another match to play in. Please do not take offense even thought I don't care when I say this. Is just not My intent but! I feel like not giving a game a chance cause of his name or leaving a match for somebody in game name or bla bla is lame and dumb. You do you but got to say what I feel when I read that. I agree with the rest of what you say.
  2. If that is true that is some serious retarded decision. It doesn't bother me but that is such a stupid thing to ban I am laughing My ass off.
  3. It has happen to me once but that all. This was on the ps4. Map Temple of the necrotic. I was switching out the mage for the Huntress. Edit it happen again but now in town. I was switching Huntress for another hero. Now that I think about it. I notice a few people dying randomly during the game.
  4. Please do. I leave My control alone for a few seconds or minutes and when I return it has fallen off from where I put it. I do enjoy the vibration but if I leave it on with the controller it fall off from where I left it. .
  5. Seriously I could be in the middle of repairing or creating a kill zone but here comes the idiots and press ready. ***ing me and everyone over. And before anybody say people will then troll. Then why allow you to kick people out your games is a thing then? Seriously is not like these people are noobs either. They are just dumb and selfish.
  6. If You place one anti air tower I say you are a god. Sharing your stupid green/blue stuff is being a team player and I say that is a good sign.
  7. Sorry the kid argument is stupid. There many ways for somebody to know your age without hearing your voice. Otherwise I agree.
  8. How the *** do you even find better gear? Can somebody explain this to me?
  9. 1 I will like the ability to instant kick people has the host. Reasons. 1 sabotagers and trolls. 2 Idiots that force the timer when I haven't finish building. Leading to a very short game. 2 I will like the ability has the host to be the only one to be able to star the game timer. 1 Reason. I wait several minutes and nobody joins but when I star building some idiot appears. Who then star the timer and sabotages the game. 3 I will like if some sort of report system is put on place to report strolls or people that blast porn over chat. ._.
  10. There are boxes like the pet food boxes that drop that give the materials like this when you open them. There is a box for each pet type (gato/dragon/creep). I think you can also let pet eggs rot in your inventory to get them still? But that takes way too long. I suggest just opening the boxes. OK I guess I have to grind so more.
  11. Yeah I want to evolve him but yeah need that. Don't know what that is or how to get it.
  12. One I am playing Planetside 2 a online only game. It not letting me into the game and I been trying to logging over 30 minutes now. :( Please fixed it or tell me how. No, restarting doesn't fix the issue.
  13. I don't have a mic but will like to communicate in between waves with people.
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