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  1. Tower Wars sounds like a really solid and the appropriate step towards PvP in this game. One build phase and then Combat phase until game over where mana can be spent either building defenses or recruiting monsters to attack the enemy team? Uh yeah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You can definitely expect me to play that.
  2. FREE?! OH MY GOD, TRENDY, YOU MISSED OUT ON TEN BUCKS FROM ME. Not that I'm complaining. free stuff ARE amazing. :)
  3. Bump. My comment above about nobody's monitor being large enough is still valid. How is it even remotely possible to view three dozen bonuses/statistics/rewards/etc. without the need to scroll?
  4. I'm going to need a new pair of pants. I had a minor accident at the news of tonight's release.
  5. Someone mentioned the colour of the companion cube depended on the colours of your hero at the time you earn it. I don't think that's true though. Wished I could change mine, it's yellow. I don't like yellow cubes. Truth. The hero I was using at the time of achievement had the death appearance (I think Haunt style?) which is mostly gray colors. My cube ended up all gray as well. In other words, I have an undead cube!
  6. Btw... When will we see a cow pet that shoots milk shots and do splash damage? ^ yes. Moooo.
  7. I was hoping for some candid snapshots of Hitmonchan during his special walk. Wink.
  8. So I assume we're not going to see maps with one massive lane and one crystal and nothing else for easy leveling/farming? Kind of a shame, I was hoping for there to be a map with nothing but one massive lane. (all 3000 mobs spawn in one lane) I'm not saying make it necessarily easy, but it would be fun. Still, variety with Trendy's approval would be awesome. Aqua/Morag/Misty get boring after a while. ;)
  9. What you can do here is use a summoner and place all of the minions (Archer or Mage) near the boss spawn, throw a buff beam under them and then sit there. Mages will heal you while you just unload your damage on the boss. *clicks Like* Oh wait..
  10. Darkness Trap doesn't prevent enemies from attacking crystals. Also from a quick investigation, they only take effect once every 5 seconds, and only remove one target from the aggro list... though I suppose that's enough to cancel out an enemy attacking a wall when there are towers to distract it. Is that why Darkness traps seemed to work a LOT better with 5 DU Physical Beams? See example; Example: A lane is blocked off by a singular 5-DU Physical Beam with a Darkness trap under it. Throw in a bunch of damage-dealing towers behind the P.Beam. Since there is only one 'target' to attack (
  11. Agreed. Enemies immune while inside dark energy spawns shouldn't cause auras to lose health.
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