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  1. OMG so much guild wars love on your avatar <3
  2. It's always a pleasure to see a reminiscence of the time when I spent a lot of time on these forums :) Did Selah vanish ? :( I miss all the call to arms action so bad... DD2 can't come soon enough. Well sorry but I won't be trying your challenge, doughnuts aren't as widespread in France as they seem to be in the US and hunting down a jam doughnut and then record myself fail miserably at the challenge isn't very appealing x) Anyway I'm really glad to read that post :)
  3. Thank you guys, thanks to Balmune CitC is now ancient story and I'm only left with CD. However it looks like although reaching the Old One shouldn't be problem we found ourselves not being that professional against him while training in the old one open mode map : need more training I guess. I never fought him but on easy-hard so I was shocked by how brutal he was^^ I'm ready to try with any of you, I'll probably ask you sooner or later, don't hesitate to ask me too ! And if anyone here has tips for the Old One fight that would probably be a great source of help too !
  4. I just realized I completely forgot to give my SteamID. Sorry about that. If asking for it is the only problem I think I can deal with it. Thank you very much for you quick answer :)
  5. Hi there, I'm posting here because the trading and grouping section is actually only for trading (or so it seems). I'm asking for help because I would like to "finish" this game for two reasons : I love it and I could have done it "by myself". I'd been playing for a long time (almost since release) with 3 friends of mine and we almost got Ultimate Defender : only two things missing that are NM survival on City in the Cliffs and NM Crystalline Dimension. EDIT : CitC is done, CD remains ! We could have done those two things by ourselves (we had a strategy on CitC involving blocking sq
  6. Thank you for this ! 1) Tower set 2 2) Tower set 1 3) Propeller cat 4) Horsea :)
  7. [quote]But to the remaining two groups, I have the question: Have you actually COMPLETED the game on Insane? Have you completed it on Hard even? Progression as I see it means that you have defeated EVERYTHING, every mission and challenge, on one difficulty level, have nothing left to achieve on that difficulty and thus expect yourself to be ready to move on to the next one.[/quote] I don't know what exactly is my category : I have a 2k hp 1k damage hero countess, a couple of tower sets with 800 to 1.5k stats and own EV and summoner. I think I'm in the low-mid geared category. I did every
  8. So, no brick wall for players entering NM you said ? With my friends we cleared every map on NMHC except CD and every original campaign maps NM survival without any significant problem and could finish CitC and CD if we were 4 with our current strat and gear. So I'm not really what one would call a NM-beginner. I could afk king's game NMHC campaign and NMHC survival to wave 14 (dc'd there :/ ). Right now I tried survival because I was curious to see what would happen with my exact same build/stats and what was barely ever hitting my defenses has crushed me when I tried to start on wav
  9. Maybe he should use folders more efficiently :\ Honestly he deserved it and based on what I read he shouldn't be too much in the need of such a weapon :p He seems to be a nice defender to have in your party though :)
  10. Love her so far^^ She's a troll character to me. Here to spawn an ogre behind the defenses, move a tower to try to repair her mistake and she finally just messes around with the build :D Or she will spawn random towers in completely ridiculous position and try to pick an interesting one and let the others distract the mobs :D A little bit of random is a nice addition to this game where it's mostly being able to steamroll the map or getting crushed. Getting through because of a lot of effort... I did not experience this for a while. All in all I'm very pleased :)
  11. Lets see, what is the problem you say? A map that is easy to beat, takes little time to do so, and rewards the best loot in the game making working for anything better unnecessary. Easy to beat, takes little time, and rewards the best possible stuff. Exactly what one would think of when they think of poor game design. You used the trap word :p Dafuq is "working" ? I'm here to play. So the best possible stuff is obtainable on an easy and fun map ? God how punished we are :\ This game had a design problem when finishing stuff was way easier than getting better gear. So if farming a lo
  12. I've returned with an answer and a question^^ 3) Points in move towers are increasing the range of the skill : you have circle around your character and can only take and release towers within this circle. If the circle is bigger than what the screen can display the camera will more as in an RTS. 4) Is drop quality from presents altered by difficulty ? by map ? by [[1625,hashtags]] ?
  13. I've seen a lot of complaints saying that the reward/time_and_effort was too low and ruining the game. Now you have an enjoyable map allowing good loots for low effort and time. Complaints again. I've seen complaints about economy, saying that token made prices become ridiculous. This should also alter prices. It looks like some people here actually love wasting time on tedious maps for ridiculously low chances to get good drops :\ This is actually logical : a fairly easy map gives nice drops so you are equipped to do harsch maps where drops don't matter anymore. Where's the proble
  14. PsycheDeclic for now but it's temporary, I'm looking for a lovely name :p
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