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  1. So complain to them for their subpar service. Complaining about your download limit will change nothing. They don't care. I also have limited usage per month so the less something takes, the better.
  2. Well this is fun.. Kinda ruined my anti-wyvern for insane summit.
  3. It seems that all mobs are immune to the deadly striker. I watched a goblin take 5 hits from one and it did not die. My ds does 12k damage and this thing had 2k hp. Anyone else getting this?
  4. Any way to fix this? I've tried verifying my game files and it didn't help. I have noticed that I only crash when I host a public game, never when playing private. Any help would be appreciated, thanks.
  5. http://html5.cubicleninja.com/dd/index.htm
  6. Though because it does seem to be quite selective on what people it is repeating on time and time again it leads everyone to believe it can't be all trendy's fault, and reopening threads about a problem that seems to most likely be the users issue is pointless spam. I have no issues at all with my internet connection and have never had any such issues with any other game I've played. I get disconnected all the time. It most likely is Trendy's fault.
  7. I exported my data to open and went into local to test some stuff and saw that I didn't have the animus equipped. So I went back to ranked and see that again, not equipped. I checked my item box and, what do you know, it's gone.
  8. Twice today I got disconnected at wave 14. Getting pretty sick of that issue.
  9. * All: Added 4 New Heroes for play: the Adept, the Countess, the Initiate, and the Ranger (Premium DLC) * PvE: Added "Warping Core Challenge Pack" (Premium DLC), and added "The Great Turkey Hunt!" TrendyNet Event (Free DLC) & four new corresponding Hero costumes and on Steam.. * All: Added 4 New Heroes for play: the Adept, the Countess, the Initiate, and the Ranger * PvE: Added "Warping Core Challenge Pack", and added "The Great Turkey Hunt!" TrendyNet Event & four new corresponding Hero costumes Seems they're all about last minute changes. One thing I'm wondering is how
  10. People are still trying to DL? I'm already in wave 12 survival..
  11. An easier way to check is by simply launching the game. If there is an update it will force you to download before the game can launch. Anyone getting a DL at this point is not related to the patch. Edit: Ninja'd
  12. As of yet there is no delay. Any time on the 23rd is on time. This is a bit of a bigger patch and isn't necessarily going to get a midnight release.
  13. yeah cuz I want a monk staff with +40 projectiles plz. I believe the point is so that you can't miss an upgrade. There would still obviously be a cap on sps and projectiles. I think that it is good to keep them locked to certain levels but there should be better notification of the fact that they can be upgraded.
  14. Fortunately I only made it to wave 10 so I didn't waste much time..
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