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  1. You need to get stun on your barriers, and use Ramsters, aa, and flame-auras. You may join me in a c5, then i'll show you how to build. (With that said, i'm a noob, but i'm c7, and i know how to complete c1 - c7.)
  2. I've played ddf1 on pc, dont know if it counts doe, (Played some years ago)
  3. BBEQ

    Fast hero switch

    Hello guys! I now play with 3 main Gun Witches every round, wich makes switching a hell. I suggest a "fast switch", where you can make a "hero template", and switch to a specific SET of heros. Not like you can make a template for every map, but maby just for the 4 heros you use often as builders, and then to switch back to dps heros you use. This may make the game too fast, and too easy? I dont know, just thought i wanted to suggest it.
  4. Hello! :-) (This have prob been suggested before, i just wanted to be sure it had been posted.) I now have 400+ hours in ddf2, alot of those hours are before the chaos system doe, but some of them are after. I've now commed to c5, and would prob be c7, if it wasnt for the assasins. My builds are okay, i'm in the right gear, but i can't finish it because of the assasins. I stayed once 10 minutes i think, trying to kill all the assasins, but because my health is so low, they kill me with 1 - 2 hits. I think they are a bit OP, especially for soloing, if you just come from c4. And I KNOW i'm not
  5. I agree! I've sold alot of "range", "rate", "heavy-canonball", and so on shards. Not on purpose doe, i just sold some items, and forgot they where on them.
  6. When i click on the table, i can't find any games. I can create one doe, but solo isnt that fun :/ I hope they fix this issue soon, i'm dying to play some ddf2.
  7. Hello :-) When i tried to join a ddf2 game, it coudnt find any. I've tried switching regions, but it's the same. I refuse the idea, that nobody is playing a game (I've asked some friends, and they could see games.) BTW - With games, i mean a "session", someone who is allready in a game.
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